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More car trouble!

This time, my parents sent me an early-morning text: "Your trunk won't close." And they were right. So Toly took the car over to the mechanic (who should send us a Christmas gift in addition to the card, all the business we gave them this year) and the entire trunk latch is, like, broken. After 14 years, I guess that's possible.

Parts are coming in overnight, actual cost under $100 total (whew) and of course I left my work badge in the car this morning, so I couldn't even get into the building because it was before 7 am. So much fun!

The plus side was I got to drive Mom's minivan, which has heated seats.

Yes, it's probably time (after Christmas, at least) to find some spare buried treasure so we can try a down payment on a slightly less beat-up vehicle...
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