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Had a very good Thanksgiving yesterday. SIL made turkey and stuffing, Mom made sides, I made 4 pies. Sour cherry, pumpkin, chocolate pudding, and dark chocolate-coconut cream. I do all my pies from scratch, but the chocolate pudding pie was basic Jello cook-n-serve, which I don't care for but the kids like. I still don't have cloves, so I used nutmeg instead in the pumpkin pie, and nobody noticed at all.

The dark chocolate-coconut cream was new for me and I started with dark chocolate cream and added the coconut on a whim. Also made meringue, and that turned out excellent. Everyone raved over that pie.

Today I got several "Are you going to work today?" questions when I got up, which was weird since I've talked about my 4-day weekend for a while now. Anyway, I'm getting a lot done. Many craft gifts finished, many Xmas gifts wrapped, some of the Christmas cards are already in the mail! I also picked out a whole lot of stash items to be sold; honestly, I have only so much time in my life, and it's time to be ruthless with the craft stash too.

All this plus sims! So it's been a nice yesterday and today. :)
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