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BACC: Vagabond, Week 4: Keefe

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The Keefes (Milo, Suzi, and baby daughter Georgia O.) and their cats (Cinnamon and Kahlua) make the most money of anyone in town, due to their only-vaguely-legal club. Milo has cheated Death once already. The Keefes own Chapter 11 (bookstore), the Blue Casket (club), El Marrow Community Park and Willow Springs Cemetery.

Warnings: Drug references.

Milo and Suzi don't actually have business-related LTWs. So they're not going to buy any "shop" type businesses from here on, just venues necessary for the community at large, like the cemetery and the community park.

Milo sells Grand Marnier, the last kitten from Week 3, to a townie. Milo's LTW is "20 Best Friends" but he actually doesn't know that many people. He can only sell cats to friends, I think, which doesn't really make sense.

Georgia Ofrenda (her middle name constantly changes) becomes a toddler! Her eyes look bloodshot. :/

Wow, what a grouch. Neither of her parents are that grouchy.

With the arrival of summer, the Keefes can put in a tiny front-yard pond, and Suzi can begin working toward her LTW: Top of Oceanography career. To open that career for herself, she'll need a gold fishing badge.

"Who is the bestest widdle kitty ever? Who is? Is it you? Yes it is!"

Maybe that's why Georgia Onassis is so grouchy: her dad gives more lovey talk to the cat than to her.

Milo continues to tempt fate, fixing all the broken electronics, but I guess he's unplugging things first now.

With the Dazzle option, Milo can now run the club, since that's what it takes to get people to pony up $750/hour to use a "bubble machine".

He's actually a terrible employee at Chapter 11, the bookstore Suzi started. Milo wanders off to browse magazines and goof around and forgets to take care of customers or the register. I have to constantly watch him and keep him out of trouble.

Down at the head shop Blue Casket, Milo gets in some skilling while the customers get high. I realized this is a perfect time for either Milo or Suzi to skill, since the customers don't ask for much.

Girls' Night Out, I guess.

Milo and Suzi don't partake of the Casket's charms, which is good, since they have another baby now: Josie. Dad's hair and eyes and skin.

Cinnamon and Kahlua have four more kittens. Naming theme is fruity liqueurs. The ] on the last name (Kruskovac, pear liqueur) is because that's my Fraps hotkey, and I forget that hitting it while in a data-entry place on the screen doesn't work so well.

I suspect they'll look more like Kahlua than Cinnamon (the reddish one). Cinnamon is standoffish with the humans. Kahlua is the one who seeks out their company, so he ends up in the pictures.

This is probably the last litter of kittens, because Milo and Suzi ran out of friends to sell kittens to. Dean Andros got one.

New kitchen wallpaper courtesy of wisperis!

Because the cemetery's ownership prevents anyone from putting a dead body in it, Suzi sells the lot back to the city (at a loss). Nothing in the rules says it can't be done, and it still counts as a community lot, after all. But next week, Fresca's grave can finally be placed. When Willow Springs fills up, the Keefes can buy another graveyard and do the same thing.

"Wind pierces my hull
An iceberg, a needle.
Sweet whispered nothings
"Sail tonight!"
A storm!
This deathbed harbor.
By love's rusty anchor,
Forever moored. Yeah, baby."

You have no idea how badly I wish Milo could run a hipster club, with poetry slams and random political philosophy discussions, all fueled by obscure bands, alcohols you probably haven't heard of, and a haze of smoke in front of the lights.

Suzi's deadly serious about it too.

Milo starts calling people to make friends just to sell them kittens. But at last all four are gone.

Josie becomes a toddler and she too is cranky. Maybe it's all the hipsterness of the house.

Both girls are blue-eyed redheads in pink. Quite a coincidence.

Georgia Oh-em-gee is such a serious-looking girl! And she transitioned to pink too! But her eyes still look bloodshot.

This was when I realized the house didn't have that most fundamental of Sim possessions: a bookshelf! So now they have a bookshelf and a goofy chair.

"I shouldn't... it's what she wants me to do. I can resist... I am strong, I am Cat!"

"Aaaargh I can't stop myself!" *bite*
Cinnamon looks on in disgust at her mate's weakness. He doesn't have the strength to refuse interaction with humans like she does.

Putting in 12-hour shifts at the Blue Casket means the club is actually rising in rank. That's a concern, because a few customers means only a few Dazzles. When there's a whole bunch, Milo and Suzi will need a coffee machine to keep their energy up, and that means they'll need a bathroom, too.

Presenting the awesome new posters flanking the Blue Casket doorway! :D

Milo starts calling people during appropriate hours, to build up his friendships toward his LTW.

The club actually gets to rank 5, which means more customers, which means another bubble machine is required.

"Oh, um, hey, um, we're closed! Really! Just closing up right now! Nothing to see here!"

My game crashed when Milo tried to run the bookstore, so I sent Suzi down and got rid of the postcard racks, since they were the only CC item in the place. I don't know if that was it, but the shop ran smoothly from then on.

Chapter 11 hits rank 10! Nice!

Here's a quick aerial view of part of El Marrow. On the back road, the pagoda roof is Voodoo 'N' Things, Chyna Ash's shop. Next to it is Lunis Andros' Bottique. Then the Calavera Cafe. Coming toward the viewer from Voodoo 'N' Things, we have some generalized clutter and the school. But what's the big green-roofed building?

It's the Keefes' new contribution to El Marrow! They need to launder the drug money, so they paid for the construction of a museum, the Hall of Oddities. (And my first two-story building I've ever built!) I know it doesn't look great on the outside. I'm still getting the hang of this building thing. Maybe I should put some big statues out front?

Inside is all the stuff people have been digging up and selling, put on display for school tours and other interested persons.

The rules say the museum has to be worth $250,000 but I have no idea how you'd manage that. This one was around $94,000. Granted, there's no facilities or landscaping, but how do you make a lot that expensive? As it is, the Hall of Oddities opens a slot in the Adventure career, so when Lou Darkmoon gets to the top of the Business career, he can then switch jobs with a clear conscience.

Oh, and Milo got rid of the knit cap since it's summer in El Marrow. I think something is wrong with the default eyebrows in game; they've recently changed to these thin painted-on things. I need to see if I picked up a default replacement anywhere.

~ ~ ~


The Blue Casket defied my expectations and hit rank 5. Chapter 11 hit rank 10 and opened another Business slot. The Hall of Oddities, as noted above, opened an Adventure slot. The community park stays at rank 0 and the cemetery reverts to community property.

Oh, and Suzi did get the gold fishing badge by Thursday. But no Oceanography job has come up yet. Maybe next week?

Taxes paid were $8337.

Since we're at a halfway point in Week 4 (technically a little over, but I'm not redoing everything now), here's the week's update so far.

Households: 8
Births this week: 5
Deaths this week: none
Community Lots, POB: 18
  1. Killane Grocery (10)
  2. Wilder Dairy Mart (9)* I goofed and it should be rank 9, but it's rank 0. I'm leaving it "at 9" for right now.
  3. Benita Bodyworks (1)
  4. Daily Bread (10)
  5. Church of St. Drogo (1)
  6. Hall of Oddities (0)
  7. El Marrow Community Park (0)
  8. World of Fish (8)
  9. The Bottique (8)
  10. Max Fashion (10)
  11. Blue Casket (5)
  12. Voodoo 'N' Things (1?)
  13. Mighty Meaty Mart (10)
  14. Fruitopia (7)
  15. Chapter 11 (10)
  16. Mustard Seed (2)
  17. Electron Hut (5)
  18. For The Ladies (5)

Community Lots, NPC: 4
  1. Calavera Cafe
  2. Willow Springs Cemetery
  3. City Hall (doesn't count toward the total number of community lots)
  4. Salvador Limones Military Base (ditto)

18 POBs plus 2 NPC businesses means 20 total community lots, and that adds another sim multiplier! We're now at SM6!

Business: 2 occupied (Lou Darkmoon, Rael Killane), 4 open
Athletic: 1 occupied (Morgan Blood)
Culinary: 1 occupied (David Blake)
Architecture: 1 occupied (Benita Killane), 1 reserved (Angry Rabbit Starchild)
Military: Unlocked, 1 occupied (Little Deer Starchild)
Education: 1 occupied (Maddie MacPherson)
Slacker: 1 occupied (Diamondwing Starchild)
Criminal: 1 open
Law Enforcement: 1 reserved (Johanna Wilder)
Oceanography: 1 reserved (Suzi Keefe)
Adventure: 1 reserved (Lou Darkmoon)
Science: 1 reserved (Maddie MacPherson)

Babies: 0
Toddlers: 3
Children: 6
Teens: 7
Adults: 9
Elders: 0

College fund: As of the Keefes, we're at $97,703. Only a few thousand more to getting a University!

CAS sims (unused) at start of week 4: 4
CAS sims used this round: none so far
CAS sims unlocked: 6
CAS sims total at this point: 10

Fires: 4 + 1 (Wilder) = 5 total
Electrocutions: 2 + 2 (Wilder) = 4 total. Science slot opened.
Burglaries: 1
Alien Abductions: 1

The total *at this time* is 33 sims. However, at least 2 babies are expected in the remaining households, and one never knows if death will meander through a household. So for right now, the total population is 33 sims x SM6 = 198. The next big population change hits at 250 (another Education position opens).
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