Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly World Map, Week 30

I took a week off, and decided that, while I still don't want to do the borders, I could at least start on the backstitching. I'd been saving the backstitching for last, because I enjoy it, so it would've been the reward for finishing. Still, it'll all have to get done eventually anyway, right?

Last progress pic:

This week's progress:

And a couple of detail shots. Backstitching really makes it come alive.

Backstitching is also where I find any bits I've missed, like the queen's crown, or the extra gold stuff in the middle piece here. ^^;; I took this picture because the design is a near mirror-image, so you can see immediately what a difference the backstitching makes.

I still don't think I can finish by end of year any more, but at least I can get cracking on the backstitching until I finally have to return to the border. ^^;;
Tags: works in progress, world map, xstitch
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