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BACC: Vagabond, week 3: Keefe

Presenting a new household in El Marrow! A whole lot happens to this household in one week. And not just your ordinary "meet someone, get married, have a baby" sense either! Nope! There's shady dealings, way too many pop-culture references, and a possibly terminal case of death! Oh, and cats.

The newest household in El Marrow has three inhabitants. First is Kahlua...

Then Cinnamon (the one with the "red hot" eyes)...

Lastly, trust-fundie/hipster Milo Keefe.

Milo's here on Vagabond because... um, he's not sure, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and he's an optimist. I mean, just look at that face! Doesn't he just look so innocent and spunky?

The house is the exact same plan as the one the Andros family lives in. The cats get their own room for the time being.

I suspect they start using the scratching post right away because Milo has almost no furniture. Milo started out with $16,000, which the house took most of, and that left him with a toilet, shower, twin bed, fridge, stove, and counter, plus all the cat stuff. Not even lights, because he was saving up for a desk and chair for when his free computer arrived.

Cinnamon is the "Firestar" template by Hopelessly at MTS; Kahlua is the "Paris" template by Elecy at Dreamwidth, in case you're wondering. I made them both non-finicky and they eat right out of the bowls without complaining.

Milo doesn't "do" manual labor, though he celebrates the dignity of other people doing it. Instead he writes movie and restaurant reviews. But he forgot to get a phone (oops) so he didn't get paid for the first one.

Seriously, the reviews are a good way to make money. Milo began as Popularity and I random-rolled for his secondary, so he got Pleasure and thus the restaurant-review ability.

The neighbors come by, and of course they're from the houses right next door. Kahlua comes out looking pathetic in hopes of getting treats or at least a hug.

In this case, the visitors are Yulian Wilder and Lunis Andros. Everyone's in glasses!

Milo focuses almost exclusively on equally-chipper Lunis.

Does Milo seem underage to anyone else?

The cats have no toys yet, so they have only each other for entertainment. Which is OK since I want them to have kittens at some point.

More writing!

No fires yet either, neither here nor anywhere else in the neighborhood.

"It's magnificent - it's so full of stars!"

Next day is a good day to head into town, mostly because Milo didn't finish his review so he hasn't gotten paid, and he didn't finish his review because he needs fun and social with someone besides the cats.
"Hey! That guy's stealing my look!"

White people attempting rhythm!

Despite two bolts with several women, Milo's shy and can't decide. You'd think he'd do better than this.

Then again, he thinks blonde Michaela is hot, but the glow is on Cheese Girl here, so who knows? (I forgot her name, but it's a cheese variety)

So, off to City Hall then, where he gets inappropriate with Drew Baringmore.

On the one hand, I suspect the "Hey, I know someone I think you should date, like, right now" tactic is one to avoid talking to the guy in the first place. On the other hand, it happened to Dean Andros and he got Lunis and they're perfect for each other. So let's give it a whirl!


Meet Suzi Roscholler, a grim blond in too much pink.

And, um... no eyebrows? O_o

Not bad! Better than he's done all day, in fact!

She loves hearing how his family is rich enough that Milo can goof around and not have to go to a job.

Two for two - the blind date thing really works!

Rael Killane, stop that! You're not supposed to be able to buy stuff! I have the hack! :(

G'wan, kiss her, Milo.
"Butbutbut - "

Perpetually pregnant Amber Wilder approves!

Hm. Suzi's a Money sim. Interesting.

Milo proposes during the date. Hey, it worked for Dean Andros.

But no! She won't rush into this.

Milo is hurt but not heartbroken. While Suzi won't rush into an engagement, she will rush into the closet to, ah, check out its spaciousness.


At least he had a closet, since he couldn't afford a double bed. (Though sims should be able to boink in a single bed, given how skinny they are.)

Jeez, no wonder she was interested in his money! :(

Suzi's whole dollar brings the household to a whopping $151 in funds. Someone had better start making money, pronto.

Suzi's LTW isn't attainable, but that's OK. Money sims are pretty easy to keep happy, as long as they're spending.

She also brought a Tinkering plaque with her and a full Mechanical skill, but I forgot to check her badges at this time.

Suzi random-rolls Grilled Cheese secondary. Sure, why not? That could be interesting.

The only restaurant in town is the Calavera Cafe.

"Down! Bad cat!"
Turns out the cats are out of food already, and the bowls I chose have interiors of the same color as the kibble, so I didn't realize the bowls were empty. But they really can't afford new bowls just yet.

Suzi begins digging while Milo appreciates and honors the dignity of her labor by typing up another review. Suzi gets a $4000 vase (yay for luck!) while Milo figures out not to talk in chatspeak.

Between them, they get enough proceeds to buy a tiny shop (next to the clothing store) and set up a bookstore called Chapter 11.

Books, postcards, and magazines are all available at Chapter 11.

"Do you have the Vagabond edition of Field and Stream?"
"You betcha!"

"We absolutely have 101 Groundmonkey Recipes in stock! Right over here!"

And she's not even dressed like a sexy librarian!

Well, we need to fix that situation, don't we? Off to Max Fashion!

She looks like a librarian now. Maybe later on the sexy part.

Milo thinks she's sexy, anyway, and that's what's important.

"Tonight, my sexy librarian and I are gonna get it on in the stacks!"
What does that even mean, hipster boy?

It means they made enough money to afford a double bed, mostly. They're a fun-loving couple.

Yikes. Milo really does look like he's barely out of his teens, doesn't he?

I finally looked, and they now have 3 bolts! Nice! Blind dates FTW!

Milo should start building up his skills too, before the bookstore gets so crazy with customers that he's totally lost (and potentially could lose customers), so off he goes.
"I bet you could use a copy of Dating for Dummies. Am I right?"

Nice! Goodness knows they could use some more furniture.

"Let's see, Our Bodies, Ourselves... The Bell Jar... ah, here it is, Ghetto Freaks."

Milo tries to be good, but he does take his sweet time serving Aaron Hall (olivethegreat) for trying to make wool caps mainstream. (Milo, Aaron was here first.)

Even the postcards are selling out!

Hey! This isn't a library! Buy it before you read it!

Hm, I wonder what she's reading?

Suzi, on the other hand, will prank customers if I don't stop her.

And then this guy was just hanging around, so Suzi went to tell him to leave and make room for paying customers... and... THIS. D:

There's no sign of cheating, and neither one of them appears to be in love with the other. I'm at a loss.

Despite this, our happy couple is getting along fine, running the bookstore, making whoopee, playing with the cats. Then Milo breaks the computer, so he sets out to fix it. "Hey! This seems simple enough, and it's actually kinda fun!"

Electrocution #2!

Butbutbut - he was fine just before! He was a little tired, but not hungry or anything! Noooo! D:

Suzi, do something!

Suzi begs for Milo's life! "Please! He's the father of my unborn child! He has so much to live for!"

Still, Suzi badgers Death into giving her a chance to retrieve Milo's soul and and life.

And she succeeds!


"Oh, wow, man... I was walking down this long tunnel toward a bright light, and a kindly old man was waiting there for me, and he smiled at me, and he said, 'Hey, buddy, can ya spare a dollar?'"

This is actually a first for me, even after all these years, that someone beat Death and saved a sim from dying. Wow. Go Suzi!

"Suzi-woozie, thank you thankyouthankyou for saving my life!"
"Sure thing, Milo. Now go get yourself cleaned up, we have to talk."

Milo showers and changes into his PJ's and looks about 15 years old.
"Okay, you've got a second chance. You should make the most of it. We have a baby on the way, and - "

"Wait, what? We made a baby? When did that happen?"

This maybe explains Suzi's constant craving for grilled cheese. There have been weirder pregnancy cravings.

"Did you hear that, Kahlua? We're gonna have a baby!"
Aren't you a little young to be a father?

Yes, a near-death experience calls for deepish thoughts about the future.

Like making everything formal, so the baby can have access to that Keefe money back on Earth someday.

Hey, Benita Killane's lookin' fine.

Ah, mawwiage. Twu wuv.

And time to open the business of their dreams: the Blue Casket.

Which, as Toly pointed out, is basically a head club. When you own a substance-based club, you automatically get friends, right?

Suzi has the Dazzle ability at this point, so she's the one to open the place, despite being pregnant.

A reviewer? Maybe not yet. She left without comment.

"This is totally worth $500 an hour!"

A big tip of the octopus hat to madame_ugly, who clued me in to this moneymaking scheme.

Suzi messes with the music for a bit, but eventually takes it easy, since the tokers are so high they probably can't hear it over the voices in their own heads. She also doesn't participate in the festivities. Best to keep a clear head. She pockets about $8000 and then sends everyone home so she can eat.

"Milo, do you really think that's a good idea? You still have the scar from last time."
"I know what I'm doing now! I unplugged it first!"

Between the Blue Casket money and all the LeTourneau prizes they're pulling in, the Keefes are rolling in cash. Milo buys a bass (only because he didn't think of bongo drums first).
"I'm gonna rock that club like a hurricane!"

Cinnamon's still around, just isn't as visually interesting as Kahlua, who comes over to join in the song.

Jo-zee and the pussycats! Long tails, and ears for hats! Guitars, and sharps and flats! Neat sweet oovy-groovy -

"Jeez, cat! Stop it!"
Hey, I didn't complain when you mangled 'Single Ladies'!

But then a third voice joins the chorus - it's time for a Keefe to appear!

Meet Georgia Olivia. Milo looks stunned, like I imagine most teen fathers would.

Georgia Octavia has her dad's hair and eyes and her mother's skin and a nice smile, even as a newborn.

About this time I noticed Suzi's GOLD robot badge. But Lunis Andros already has the robot business, more or less.

At this point, I realized neither Milo nor Suzi had LTWs that demanded rank-10 businesses, as opposed to Rael Killane, Yulian Wilder, or Dean or Lunis Andros. Thanks to the moneymaking scheme of getting people high, by the end of the week, the Keefes have two TVs and a computer, which I assume patrons of the Blue Casket are giving them as payment or collateral until the money comes in. (The rates are currently $750/hour and might go up again.)

Venues are needed, but they're hard to get ranks in, and the Keefes need to launder the drug money. (Way to go on that second chance at life, Milo.) So they take their approximately $95,000 and buy a cemetery...

(Yes, the road completely surrounds the cemetery.)

...and a community park, for the good of the citizens of El Marrow.

They could probably make a significant dent in the college fund, sure, but I don't want Fresca Fiore's ghost to kill anyone, and there's enough kids that they really do need a place to play.

The Keefes may do a lot of this if the Casket keeps churning out money. They've already got all the LeTourneau cash prizes.

"You are still my totally sexy librarian. Can I whisper some Dewey decimal numbers in your ear?"

They actually put in a couple more bookshelves with more expensive books.

Uh oh. Watch out, Keefes.

Though the thought of a hipster crime family is an intriguing one.

Late on Sunday night, Cinnamon (!) gives birth. This is Cointreau.

Courvoisier (the only one to get the red eyes).

Grand Marnier, the only female.

They all have exactly the same personality.

Five cats is way too many, Milo thinks. Just getting enough bowls and pillows in that room is a challenge.

So he calls up some of his friends and asks if they want a free kitten.

"Wow! You mean you'll pay me for it?!"

Rael and Yulian each pay $400 for the first kittens born in El Marrow. It's after midnight now, so we'll have to wait until next rotation to see who ends up with Grand Marnier.
Maybe Milo is de-aging, like Benjamin Button?

Grand Marnier shows she's the smart one, using the litterbox on her first "go".

And thus this household comes to the end of a crazy first week! Whew!

Cats don't count toward the sim population.

The bookstore, club, cemetery, and playground/park each contribute 1 CAS sim, for a total of 4. We had a few already saved up, so we're now at 11 (!) CAS sims.

The cemetery and park are free for public use. Nothing in the rules says a POB has to make money.

The Blue Casket opens a slot in the Slacker track.

The 4 lots in this installment bring us to +1 SM, and 20 total lots, so another Architecture position opens up.

Chapter 11 (bookstore) - rank 8
Blue Casket (club) - rank 1 (amazing! But people loved it that much)
Willow Springs Cemetery - rank 0
El Marrow Community Park - rank 0

The Keefes paid $367 in taxes, because they spent all their money on lots.

Total population = 20 (4 SM) = 80 as of this household.
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