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BACC: Vagabond, Week 3: Fiore/Darkmoon

When last we left this household, Fresca Fiore had invited a one-night-stand, Lou Darkmoon, to move in with her and help raise the upcoming baby, which was probably his, anyway. Fresca then died dramatically in childbirth, leaving Lou with an infant that might or might not be his.

Featuring Lou Darkmoon (by dark_moon689, Lunis by colemariesims, and sims by iceraptoress and xpinkyhayzx. Stats and archive are here.

Lou Darkmoon is in the Business career track, but his true desire is to top the Adventure track. However, with an infant he's stuck raising, he doesn't have time to hold down a job and run a business and take care of Fresca's baby.

He splurges on a truck; he sort of inherited the house by the fact he moved in just before Fresca died (and boy have the neighbors been talking).

Lou hires a nanny so he can go do things instead of being tied down all the time. He hopes she's competent.

Off to City Hall to socialize and buy a new watch.

(I just realized this - the bookcase in City Hall is the super girly one - well, I guess beggars can't be choosers when you're founding a colony on another planet.)

Then it's off to the Calavera Cafe for some food and to check out the scene.
Lou likes redheads, but nobody here interests him much.

(Dean and Lunis Andros on a date! :D)

The best one of the bunch is Isabel (xpinkyhayzx), who Lou has two bolts for, but every time he looks at her, he just goes "meh".

Meanwhile, the nanny is capable enough. Nobody dies. But she makes huge meals that just can't get eaten by a bachelor living alone and a baby who's not on solid food yet.
Around this point, I got the "groceries are low!" notice and I let it stay that way. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge, and this way the nanny won't make jumbo meals and waste the food.

Fanta's birthday comes around. What will she look like?

Lou is pretty damn certain she's not his offspring. Not with features like that, unless Fresca was ingesting hard chemicals every day of her pregnancy, because how else do you get these weird features?

Fanta wants to know everything!

"What? What do you want?! I'm not your daddy!"

Still, she's a cheerful little girl, probably because she doesn't understand some of what Lou's saying yet.

Lou had a bed already in his inventory, and it was nicer than Fresca's, so he sells the dead woman's bed and puts in the nicer one.

The nanny force-feeds Fanta one day, but everything still turns out OK.

Lou is now off in the Business career, trying to reach the top (and get me that business district). I'm thinking the next NPC lot should be a museum to open the Adventurer career; then Lou can aim for his LTW. But Lou has a full plate already with a full-time job and a toddler. (Though not much laundry!)

Thank you, Isabel!
Lou also shows absolute zero interest in dating or getting to know anyone. He has two bolts with a few women (including the still-amusingly-named townie Belly Gaye), but they're either married (Amber Wilder, Lunis Andros) or he just goes "meh" every time he sees them (Isabel, Belly). Even though last installment, he got naked in the hot tub with Havarti, and they had a smooch, he hasn't felt like calling her. Maybe he's burned out on romance after his one-night-stand with Fresca got him into this situation.

Fanta was born during Vagabond's long winter, and one day while the nanny reads the paper, Fanta goes outside to explore.

She heads unerringly for her mother's grave. (No cemetery yet in El Marrow.)

Once there, does she feel sorrow? Does she understand that the mother who birthed her is gone? She never knew her mother, after all.

But then the cold and the full bladder get to her.

(Eventually the nanny realized Fanta was crying outside in the deep snow and got her cleaned up. The dirty diaper stayed out there for about a day and a half, though.)

Maybe it's Fanta's visit to her grave that causes Fresca to come out that night, with a vengeance.

She's upset about quite a lot - the bed being sold, dying in childbirth, you know, the usual.

During the night, she scares Lou at least twice that I saw, and kept him from getting any sleep at all.

When he gave up trying to sleep and instead worked on Fanta's skills, Fresca interrupted those too.

I hate to say it, but maybe the next NPC lot should be a cemetery? It's not easy to get those free NPC lots, you need 4 households to earn one.

Then the game was around 2:30 pm Friday afternoon sim-time, and I got called away from the computer by a family emergency. I thought I paused, but I didn't. I came back an hour later and realized my game was paused, but it was now Saturday morning sim-time, and Fanta was a child.

I have a hack that periodically auto-pauses the game with a pop-up reminder to "Save your game now!". It's always been useful, but this time it really did pay for itself, as otherwise who knows how long the game would have run. I might've had dead sims or Social Worker visits. Fanta still had the "learn nursery rhyme" want locked - she was about halfway there when I'd had to pause, so she didn't get that one, but she's one up on the Andros and Killane kids in getting the other toddler skills learned.

She was also cold (the wants have re-rolled now).

Probably from building a snowman outside in a tank top and little skirt. :( (Look at the dino drawing on the mirror, though!)

"So will I have to go to school on skis?"
Summer is coming up soon (next rotation) so by Monday it should be non-snowy, mostly.

~ ~ ~

Today is a special day! Today Fanta gets new clothing!

She looks better with longer hair, but those features will still be tough to grow into. And yes, it's time to buy groceries and new clothes.

Of course, with an entire street free, Lou parks the truck so the passenger door can't be opened.

Off to Max Fashion! (She's already wearing her new outfit - continuity error)

Fanta is very friendly and wants to meet people. (Lou is trying on new clothes - didn't find anything that looked good on him)

Then down to the grocery store...

Fanta convinces Lou to dance with her a little bit, to the muzak on the grocery PA system.

The new outfit and hair really do help her out a lot. But I suspect she's going to get the "nice personality" descriptor.

"Everyone said you're my daddy, but you said you're not."

"That's right. Your real father is far away and couldn't take care of you. So I'm raising you."
"Will I meet him someday?"

"I sure hope so, Fanta."

~ ~ ~

Lou doesn't have any paternal feelings toward Fanta at all and doesn't really want to interact with her (she wanted that hug at the end). But he doesn't hate her either. So I picture him as kind of aloof. He's making sure she's fed and healthy and clothed, and that she knows her manners and does her homework (when she starts school, next rotation), but he still resents having to raise someone else's child.

He did figure out that Milo huning is Fanta's real father, though, and he's getting child support money from Milo as a bribe for keeping quiet about it.

Lou still had zero romantic wants at the end of the week, so he may just be a single dad who never gets married. I don't think he's gay, either, just uninterested.

Fanta, for all her wonky features, is still sort of cute and she's very sweet. I don't think I took a personality pic, but she seems very nice so far. I wonder what she'll be like as a teen.

Next up: new families who have lots of things happen to them!

~ ~ ~

So, totals for this week... well, the Fiore/Darkmoon household didn't change much. Nobody new added, nobody died. No new businesses, and Lou isn't a Business Tycoon yet. Taxes were $1653 for the college fund, leading to a total of $35,858.


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Oct. 17th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
I feel bad for poor little Fanta because she isn't getting the love that she needs. At least Lou is making sure to take good care of her.
Are you going to move her real dad in to the town at all so that he ages as she does?
Oct. 18th, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, she's not being ignored or neglected... but she wants love, and she's not getting much of it from Lou. Maybe from the nanny?

I haven't decided what to do about Fanta's biological father. (Note that she calls Lou by his given name - I suspect he discouraged her calling him "Daddy".) I like having him around, but I don't know who to match him up with... I have a couple more households to create, both with female heads of house, and it's possible one of them could end up with him. We'll see.
Nov. 1st, 2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
Poor Fanta! So sad that her mommy died and her daddy doesn't want her. But good for Lou stepping up and taking care of her, even though she's not his.

I think she's adorable and I know she'll find someone to love her one day!
Nov. 1st, 2011 10:47 pm (UTC)
I want Fanta to have a happy life after such a rough start. She and Lou might never be the closest of people, but at least he's taking good care of her.

I think she'll grow into those eyes, but we'll see.
Nov. 1st, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
I also think Fanta is totally adorable.
Nov. 1st, 2011 10:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing if she'll grow into her eyes. I think she will, but you never know.
Nov. 11th, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC)
i certainly thought that Lou was Fanta's father! That was a surprise!
Nov. 13th, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
Fresca certainly didn't tell Lou that he might not be the baby's father. It's really her fault. But I hadn't originally planned for Fresca to die, either. Maybe she would've told Lou at some point.
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