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BACC: Vagabond, Week 3: Wilder

Week 3 of the Vagabond Build-a-City Challenge begins! When last we left, Amber and Yulian Wilder had their daughter Johanna, and the Wilders were busy building up the population. The Wilder Dairy Mart hit Rank 5.

Yulian is by trappingit. Also including sims by iceraptoress (creator of Amber, too) and erykahfairy.

"Thanks for taking care of the toilet clog, honey. Ahhh, this bath feels good."

Yulian is likely to keep running the store(s) while Amber stays home with the kids. After all, he has the "top 5 businesses" LTW. Oh, and apparently he was a good friend of Fresca Fiore before she died, which... is unnerving, actually. She only had a week to get to know him that well!

If Yulian is anything like me (and I know I am), he comes home and spills all the gossip bitching about people at work.

Back at the dairy mart, Yulian continues his OCD in making sure every window is constantly spotless.

Yulian got at least three job offers during his week at the Dairy Mart. This architecture job is the only one that was open, but it's reserved for Benita Killane.

Kid #2! Adam Wilder.

The heck with the round house. Time for a regular old boxy house with a normal roof! This is going to be a big family, after all. (Yes, the one corner is not boxy. It's kicky and fun! It's because the landscape on that end is weird!)

Time passes at both the dairy mart and at home. Adam becomes a toddler. Unfortunately he has the same personality as Johanna. :/

I, um... wow, those are some big eyes.

Sorry, not yet!

Amber took a turn at the dairy mart once, but it's high level now and she doesn't even have bronze badges.

Johanna transitions into a good outfit!

Wow, she has big eyes too, but then it's evident Johanna and Adam are clones. :( Still... big eyes. Tiny bow mouth, too.

Johanna got 5 points in Charisma before she transitioned. If nothing else, she can probably max Charisma before adulthood, and get the entertainment career slot.

Wow, someone's buying a lot of those multi-gallon milk cans! Awesome!

"I don't really like the canopy bed, but I hate to tell Yulian about it, it'll make him feel bad..."

Time to buy beds and get ready for the house full of kids. They also got new siding and wallpaper and a blue theme overall.

Keep on workin', Yulian!

"Yulian, haven't you ever heard about work-life balance?"
"What? Are you mad? I need to get those five top-level businesses before I die!"

The open/closed sign is outside the door, so there's a pileup when Yulian wants to get back inside and restock and the customers just want to go home.

They have a nice table now, too. Amber teaches Johanna how to do homework. Yes, she's pregnant again.

"I really appreciate that you support me so much, Amber, staying home with the kids all day long."
"Well, if you need me to, I can go in to work one day and you can stay home with the kids."
"Really? You'd do that?"

"Sure! I'd love to meet all those people, especially that really cute guy who - "
"Um, on second thought, it's really important to keep a routine while the kids are little. I'll keep going in to work."

Technically there shouldn't be any difference between these, but... the fruit yogurt sells more than the plain, and the chocolate milk over the white.

Yulian comes home to another baby being born!

Gah! But I locked it. At least until Amber rolled a single "have a baby" want and then that one got locked instead. Honestly, as far along as she is, she'd have to have a couple sets of triplets to produce 10 kids before she hit elder.

"Ten kids? Are you serious?"
"Absolutely! Isn't he adorable? Come look at him already."
"Why? He's blond and blue-eyed like the other two. He can't look that much different."

"Come look at him or I'll smack you."
"Wow! Another blond blue-eyed kid! Go you! I mean us!"

Johanna brings home a playmate on the first day from school. This is Lolly Adverb (iceraptoress).

The Wilder house is off-camera on the right, but in this shot you can see the Daily Bread (yellow), Wilder Dairy Mart (blue), and Killane Grocery (red).

Yulian gets a second business; I was hoping to wait until the dairy mart hit rank 10, but it's taking forever, and he's not getting any younger. Presenting...

The Mighty Meaty Mart! For all your meat-related needs! Left to right: sausages, cheese, bologna and other lunchmeats, hamburger patties, chicken wings and legs, more sausages. As you can see, it's freezing deep winter in Vagabond, so this unheated building will keep the meat cold just fine.

I was going to do some kind of meat innuendo, but I can't stop seeing David about to pick his nose. (David by erykahfairy)

The Mighty Meaty Mart: Where the elite meet to check out the meat that can't be beat!

"I was really looking for some hamburger patties..."
"We've got 'em! Lean and regular! Mega, medium and mini! They're incrediburgerble!"

They have a nice indoor table, but they only use that for "serve" meals. Single serving meals end up being eaten outside in the frozen night.

Amber continues her momly duties.

Yes, check out those sausages. Check 'em out reeeeeeal close.

What is it with people thinking the store owners would have a lot in common with Death's backup dancers? (Someone tried to give Rael Killane's name to Hula Zombie too.) Actually, how do these people know Hula Zombie so well? Do we want to know?

Oh hey! It's another birthday time! And Amber's pregnant again! (Adam's already transitioned to child, we'll get to him in a minute.) Poor Amber. But she seems happy, except for the stink.

Big-eyed scary Adam!

Big-eyed not-scary Johanna! (with a hair makeover)

A spin around the CAS block back when he was born means James has a different personality than his siblings. It's also an awesome personality spread.

Adam looks like those ball-jointed dolls I've seen around teh intarwebs.

He got a whopping six points of Charisma in before transitioning.

Future family sim?

Adam wanted a telescope, and Yulian hogged it. No abductions happened this week.

Hot dog man checkin' out the competition. It's really no contest - everyone's a weiner!

No! You can't! He's married! With three kids and one on the way! (Okay, maybe that's their reasoning, but still.)

"I'd really like to check out your sausage."
"Of course, we have beef, pork and turkey."
"Um, that's not what I meant."
"Chicken sausage? We have that too!"

James does not have the big eyes. I wonder who he'll look like? I think Johanna and Adam got the big eyes from Amber. Those look like Amber's lips.


"You mean one day there won't be any snow?"
"Yes, someday you'll experience the very long summer. I've only ever lived through one myself so far!"

The cheese stands alone, but the meat has plenty of visitors: The reviewer gives the Mighty Meaty Mart a good review, while the Dairy Mart goes unloved.

End of week totals time!

The Dairy Mart got to rank 8.
Mighty Meaty Mart hit rank 5.
There were two births - Adam and James. Johanna and Adam are now children and James is a toddler.
The meat mart (new POB) grants another CAS sim. (now up to 4)
The family pays $4179 in taxes for the college fund. Total so far: $27,973.

Next up: the Killanes.
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