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BACC: Vagabond, Week 2: Fiore

Our final new household of Week 2 arrives in El Marrow.

Featuring sims by huning, dark_moon689 and dazzlingdespair.

Fresca Fiore came to Vagabond because she heard that there are more men than women here, and she thinks the lack of competition could come in handy while trying to become a rich trophy wife. Her name is supposedly Francesca, but she abbreviated it to sound more fresh.

Fresca moves into a nice little place in El Marrow near everyone else's house. (Another house by iceraptoress, but I forget which one.)

Fresca came to El Marrow with $14,000 in her pocket, and spends some of it on house furnishings, like most people. Unlike everyone else so far, she isn't interested in starting a business. Five POBs are in existence, a business career slot is open, and as soon as someone maxes the career, then a business district opens up. So Fresca's job is to get that business job and max it.
Her color theme is going to be orangey, based on Fresca (the soda) being grapefruit flavor.

Welcome wagon time, and it's all the playable neighbors!

Fresca's a money sim, why are the guys swooning over her?

Another closet romance sim? I thought only knowledge sims were closet romance.

After the welcome wagon visit, Fresca heads for City Hall, but it's an estrogen fest down there.

And right when she leaves, one lone townie shows up (behind Dean Andros, who has picked up Rael Killane's hots for Amber Wilder, looks like).

Fresca walks next door to the gym, Benita Bodyworks, hoping to find some gym rats. There's Benita Killane, working out.

Nobody gets Fresca excited at the gym, so it's off to the brand new restaurant, the Calavera Cafe! She meets Lou (dark_moon689) in the back and talks a bit and then moves on... the Wilder Dairy Mart, where poor Amber has to man the register despite being heavily pregnant. Fresca heard that the milkshakes here bring all the boys to the yard.

Well, it brought Milo (huning), at least.

Fresca, you shouldn't need to use that. You've got what your mother gave you.

Good, she's interested in some unmarried men.

Fresca needs a job until the business career comes up on the computer, so she takes the athletic slot that's open. It'll force her to go to the gym some more too.

Maybe someday.

And hey, there's Lou at the gym! And he seems interested in Fresca, too (and her light grapefruit taste, no doubt).

Fresca's interested in Lou, too.

That said, she ditches Lou to go on a date with Milo down at the Calavera Cafe.

"Here's to us becoming very good friends. I love your shirt, by the way."

Townie Abbot (that's his name) and Dean Andros stand by to... looky-loo? Prevent anything from happening, as Junior Crumplebottoms?

I'm not sure, but they're hanging around a lot.

Even when Fresca and Milo try dancing, Abbot and Dean won't get out of the way.

"Hey, you two! This isn't a porn set! Get a room!"

Abbot and Dean escort the couple out of the restaurant, and Fresca invites Milo back to her place.

Excuse me: back to her bed.

Rather, back to her - oh, you get the idea.

Afterwards, Milo waits impatiently...

No, really, he wanted her to hurry up and get off the can so he could use it.

Then a quick dance in the bathroom before he takes off and changes his cell phone number so she can't reach him.

A while later, Fresca invites Lou over to help her scratch an itch.

Done and done.

Lou likes her quite a bit, but Fresca sends him off and gets ready for work.

The next day, though...

After discovering "it's blue!", Fresca calls up Lou to give him the news.
"What do you mean, it's mine?"

Fresca convinces Lou to move in for the good of the baby.

And shortly after that, starts to show.

Lou's LTW has to wait until another community lot can open up, but it's certainly possible, given that three sims so far want to make fifteen community lots between them.

I hate to make him give this up, but there haven't been any activities that require law enforcement yet in El Marrow.

Dude! Look at all his stuff! He has a hot tub too!

Fresca puts up her feet and relaxes while Lou makes the place livable and pays her bills.

Lou also gets that business career! Woot!

Sunday afternoon, he comes home just as Fresca gives birth.

The little girl has brown hair and Fresca's orange eyes, so of course she is named Fanta. (And Fanta Fiore just screams "stripper", doesn't it? Poor girl.)

Now, back in the rules post, I mentioned that there will be random rolls for death by plague, childbirth, and so on? Well, guess who rolled the unlucky percentiles?

Yes, Fresca Fiore dies of childbirth. D:

Lou is a little broken up about it, but honestly, he just moved in, and only because she was knocked up. He's very ambivalent about the whole thing, as he explains to his friend Havarti (dazzlingdespair).

That's no moon!.... actually, it's two moons.

"Yeah, I heard there was a new girl with orange eyes putting the make on a lot of guys..."

In fact, Lou and Havarti get downright flirty.

And more!

But that's it, no nookie, probably because they realize a woman died in this house not twelve hours ago. So Havarti goes home and Lou has to figure out what to do with his life now.

He starts by feeding Fanta. Poor little girl, already lost her mother.

But then... there are those flowers, from Milo... do they mean...

The next morning, Lou gets ready for work and then takes a good hard look at Fanta. Does she look like him? Or is she even his?

Thus ends the drama of the Fiore family. At this point, the family name is Fiore/Darkmoon, since Fresca never got married, so Fanta kept her mother's surname.

It's a shame Fresca died, because I had some great soda names lined up. Jolt! Squirt!

Fresca's death frees up the athletic career slot again, and as this is the tenth lot (both community and household), a slot in the architectural career opens too. Lou paid $2020 in taxes for the college fund. But he gets to keep the house and baby!

And now, the totals for the entire week.

Households: 4
Births: 6
Deaths: 1
Community Lots (POB): 5 (Killane Grocery/10, Wilder Dairy Mart/5, Benita Bodyworks/0, Daily Bread/8, Dean's new coffeehouse/0)
Community Lots (NPC): 1 (Calavera Cafe)
Job Openings: 4: Business (occupied), Athletic, Culinary, Architecture (reserved for Benita Killane)
Sim Multiplier: 3
Total Population: 13 (39)
Babies: 5
Toddlers: 1
Children: 0
Teens: 0
YAs: 0
Adults: 7
Elders: 0
College fund: $19219 was added this week, for a total of $23,794. A million dollars still sounds really far off.
CAS sims unlocked: 3 (was 5, but I used 2 for Dean and Fresca)
Electrocutions: 1
Fires: 0
Burglaries: 0

I was hoping to make the next NPC lot a museum, to give Lou his LTW job, but now I think I'll have to make a graveyard. Until then, Fresca's ghost might be trouble.
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