Laridian (laridian) wrote,

New City of Heroes character - Johnny Pandemic

Once I had the name, I just had to come up with everything else. ;)

Since the next team is going to be redside (= villain) that's what I steered him towards. Besides, with a surname of Pandemic, what else could he be?

Here, I'm messing around with the auras. You can now buy auras at character creation, but none of them really fit his theme yet, so I'll wait until he's level 30 and can earn them for free.

And here's his backstory and full look minus aura. Instead of the default Desert Eagle pistols, I chose Ingram MAC-10s for him. (That's what they look like, anyway.) He's dual pistol/dark corruptor - I was going to make him a blaster but didn't like any of the blaster secondary power sets. So, corruptor!

I also (obviously) made an icon for him, but I'm not super happy with it. City icons are always difficult for me to get right.
Tags: city of heroes/villains
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