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Tecza Legacy Fanmix

Medium: Video Games
Fandom: The Sims 2
Subject: The Tecza Legacy
Title: Tecza Legacy
Warnings: Naked bigfoot seen from the rear in one of the pictures.
Notes: This is the soundtrack for the Tecza Legacy, ten generations of color-themed challenges for the Tecza family. The pictures were taken from the posted installments of each generation, which had separate challenges depending on color. All the story installments are available at the above link.

The participants in this round-robin legacy were laridian, iceraptoress, madame_ugly, amaryssobellus, teffielynne, and silentsteel. Most of them suggested songs for their generation for the fanmix.

My other fanmixes can be found here.

Generation 1: Blue: Sapphire Psyche Temblor Tecza
Angry/crazy Psyche Temblor (daughter of superheroes Faultline and Fusionette) got into trouble and had to go under an assumed name, kicking off the whole color-themed ("awesimsauce") Tecza Legacy.
Eiffel 65: Blue
Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue is his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around

Generation 2: Purple: Porfiro Tecza
Porfiro learned the Dark Arts, but he wasn't the only one who paid the price.
Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze
Purple haze all around
Don't know if I'm comin' up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

Generation 3: Black: Obsidian Tecza
Obsidian Tecza became a vampire, then an actor, then human again, but struggled all his life with crippling depression, even with the support of his family and Armando the bigfoot.
The Carpenters: Won't Last a Day Without You
When there’s no gettin’ over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won’t come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won’t last a day without you

Generation 4: Orange: Seville Tecza
Seville Tecza had a happy, cheerful family life, and a fulfilling career as an artist and writer.
Natalie Cole: Orange Colored Sky
I was walking along, minding my business,
When out of the orange colored sky,
Flash, bam, alacazam,
Wonderful you came by.

Generation 5: Brown: Henna Tecza
Seville's daughter Henna was a doormat, trying to live off the land, staying dirt poor as a result, and always unlucky in love.
Herman's Hermits: Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
If she finds that I've been round to see you (round to see you)
Tell her that I'm well and feelin' fine (feelin' fine)
Don't let on, don't say she's broke my heart
I'd go down on my knees, but it's no good to pine

Generation 6: Green: Envy Tecza
Envy Tecza ran away from a bad situation at home, and focused almost exclusively on her career instead of her family.
The Muppets: It's Not Easy Being Green
It's not easy being green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over
'Cause you're not standing out
Like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky

Generation 7: Yellow: Butter Tecza
Butter, longing for a family connection after dealing with his emotionally distant mother, discovered a long-lost relative - Ebony, Obsidian's zombie sister - and happiness far from the rich, uptown life he initially thought he was supposed to have.
Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough

Generation 8: Red: Ruby Tecza
Ruby Tecza moved to a far location and discovered the Peskidani culture. Despite her fiery (some might say "argumentative") nature, she married a Peskidani and had several children with him.
Chris DeBurgh: The Lady in Red
The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek
There's nobody here, it's just you and me, It's where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I'll never forget, the way you look tonight

Generation 9: Pink: Carnation Tecza
Carnation had trouble with Child Protective Services, but she and her wife Amanda successfully raised several randy teenagers.
Aerosmith: Pink
Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

Generation 10: White: Blanco Tecza
Blanco Tecza had her big plans, but the end of the world intervened. As one of the survivors, Blanco wonders: what do we do now?
Blackmore's Night: Where Are We Going From Here
Lines on my face, lines on my hands
Lead to a future I don't understand
Some things don't go as they're planned...
Where are we going from here?

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