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Ishkabibble Legacy: Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Part Two

Yes, Death himself gently takes Penny's arm as he tells her about the places she'll go and the long-lost friends she'll meet again.

Goodbye, Penny. You were adorable, even when making duck lips.

Y'know, there's probably a hack somewhere that stops the insurance money from kicking in, but it's really no problem to just do what I do: buy really expensive items and stick it in the inventory of the oldest sim in the house. They really can take it with them! Sometimes I give them whole roomfuls of stuff (kitchen appliances, bed, toilets, etc.) so they can set up house real nice on the Other Side.

Nibble, for his part, keeps on truckin'.

First dogs, now relatives - no wonder these kids are messed up. In Sims 3 they'd probably end up with Insane or Loser traits.

Man, this is Copper, Penny's older sister. She should probably be on the Other Side by now too.

A random townie kicks over the trash can! How dare she - hey, her shoes match her dress. Is that fashionable or anal-retentive?

**The next set of pix are shown in exactly the order they were taken**

Then Townie shows admiration for Starf, who's in a mean mood ever since she got beat up by her heavily pregnant sister-in-law.

Starf gives her the old hand taser.

Townie then shows admiration again.

There's really no good answer to this, is there? It's got to be a trick question, considering the trash kicking and hand-tasering.

Then Townie gives Starf the business.

Starf does a test poke to see if Townie has abs of steel like Emily's. She doesn't. She's soft as a Sister Schubert roll (as I write this, I'm hungry, and man those rolls are good, maybe I could put some ham and provolone in one and - )

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Meanwhile, inside:
"This whole town is full of witches, you know. Everyone but you knows the secrets of bell, book and candle. That's why none of us ever appear to age."

Hematite (also by verocchio) realizes he shouldn't make eye contact.

After much sissy-slapping, the fight is on! "I swear on my mother's grave, I WILL KILL YOU!"

Or at least beat her up real good. I'm sure Townie will never again steal the newspaper or tip the trash can after this!

In the middle of the night, Emily rouses everyone (except Nebb, who has to stay home and watch the kids) for a forced march with packs. The Planet cult is reportedly on the move and Emily knows this family has to keep in tip-top shape to defend the bunker if need be.

Sadly, a forced march is no place for an 82 or 83-year old man (he might be 83 at this point). Nibble succumbs to the strain, while Death bonks Starf in the eye with the butt of his scythe.

Nebb seems okay with it.

At least everyone else, including good old Makoto, mourns Nibble appropriately. More or less.

"C'mere, you big lug! Come mess up my lipstick!" Oh, Death be a lady tonight.

Then everyone cries who's able to (Enigma is still a toddler) and even Nebb gets in on the crying. G'bye, Nibble! I loved your look!

The next day: "Let's put all that death behind us, shall we?" With the elders out of the house, Emily and Nebb become surprisingly more affectionate toward each other (though not toward Starf, who's treated like the redheaded sister-in-law she is).

Those fire safety books paid off!

While the kids are in school - Enigma has grown into a child by now - Emily continues those forced marches. They're all in bright red and white so they can be easily found, which seems counterintuitive when you're trying to hide from the freaky sister-in-law who became Bride of Planet and is busy exterminating "threats to Planet".

That night!
"I swear on my father's ghost, something weird is going on."

Both Nibble and Penny come out to haunt that night. Nibble looks like he's peeing on the bed, but he's just happy to see it.

I was going to let them be, but then Penny got Starf (of course). So...

(Oh, and Surprise hit teen. He looks nice, doesn't he?)

Presenting a Surprise, a Mystery, and an Enigma, in that order. Enigma is special.

Yes, Starf brings the boys down to the cemetery to move Nibble, Penny and Spartacus to new graves. Spartacus wasn't causing problems, but he'll probably be happier here with the other pet ghosts anyway.
Hey, there's Quibble Ishkabibble! He's the redheaded teen. The cemetery always becomes a popular townie hangout.

"Spin me faster and my beanie will carry me away to the next town!"

Back home: Lots and lots of waffles for dinner.

I remember this dog's name! This one is Ortega. He's Integra's littermate, and looks identical to her, so I didn't bother registering him. But! I finally got him to eat from the food bowl. I've tried the expensive bowls before, and the dogs still wouldn't eat from them, but Ortega would, which was a huge help.
(Yes, that's still their computer in a box)

Bye bye Ortega. Wow, Emily's really slimmed down, hasn't she? And she can run in spike heels!

Too late for Nebb, Sabine, but you sure seem to be angling to get into this family. You turn up like a bad penny.

A new want (for me) - playing on the fort. I love that fort. I wish I had one of my own.

"So, Sabine! I think you need to try out for physical compatibility before you get into this family, if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink)."

Mystery transitions from a nerdy sweater-and-scarf kid into someone you'd see on COPS. :O

Starf somehow got her own enormous TV, so I finally gave in and let them have color TV for a change. I put the old black and white TV in the back yard, where Mystery proceeds to watch his court shows in private.

He knows what's what about the legal system after all those episodes of Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown and People's Court!

This is what he looks like when he doesn't pile all that hair under his hat.

"GAH! DAD! STOP THAT!" Enigma takes after his mom in a lot of ways.
"By the way, I heard that a colonoscopy clinic opened up over in Bad Springs, Nebb."

At very long last, civilization has improved enough, and the family has money enough, to order groceries (and pay the delivery fee) instead of walking to get them! They're really rolling in it now!

Oh, Lolly (iceraptoress). He came into the game at the same time as Emily. Maybe next legacy, fella.

All the boys again auto-transitioned into bathrobes as sleepwear. (I initially wrote "bathrooms" which is mildly amusing too.)

Last dog of this installment: this one is Spigot. He's actually a different body type than Squiffy, so he gets registered too. Off he goes, to be replaced with the last green puppy, Booger (named by my son).

And with Enigma's transition to teen, it's time for the heir poll!

Let's Go!
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