Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly World Map: Unlucky Week 13 Progress

The thirteenth week of working on this was possibly the lowest-output yet. It's been a very stressful two weeks and I just flat out didn't do much stitching at all. But I did do *some* stitching on the map, so at least I'm justified in taking a picture.

Last week's progress:

This week's progress:

Jeez, what is it with the shadow of my arm? I've got lights all over this thing and I don't see the shadow when I'm taking the pic, but there it is. Sheesh.

As you can see, the only new bits are more of Justice up there in the corner, and some of those pastels I hate. I'm hoping to get some done this weekend, I think I should have some opportunities to get stitching in.
Tags: works in progress, world map, xstitch
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