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Monday Morning Real Ghostbusters Poll

For a totally frivolous poll this Monday morning, I'm turning to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. (Not the movies or the "Extreme" cartoon, acghk.) During the series run, Janine has the hots for Egon, who either ignores her or grudgingly takes her on pity dates or the like. Yeah, there's a couple episodes where he seems to care for her a tiny but, but there's no real romantic tension between those two, at least on his part; plenty on Janine's part.

So, after the series run ended, did they get together or not? Does Janine pine after him for the rest of her life, or move on? Does Egon wake up to human feelings, or is he glad he dodged the relationship bullet one more time?

Poll #1753723 A mildly burning question

After the series run of Real Ghostbusters ended, what happened between Egon and Janine?

They eventually got married
They stuck together, didn't marry
Never got together, stayed friends
Never got together, drifted apart
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