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Download an Ishkabibble!

Since we're on Generation 8 of the Ishkabibbles, it's time to send some of them out into the world!

All sims are uploaded as shown. Use Clean Installer because it's very likely they have something CC on them somewhere - if nothing else, my default skintone replacements. You can read up in the Ishkabibble Uglacy if you really want to see their personalities, aspirations, etc.

The first several generations were an Uglacy (uglification) challenge, and used Maxis sims. Starting with Generation 6, the uglacy was dropped, the poverty challenge started, and pixel_trade sims married in.

I know some of these pix are a little jagged. It's the best this old machine can do.

Generation 1
The Ishkabibble founder is available from this site if you want him, and he was made by pixelcurious. (I'm not sure if the file is still there, but I don't know if he's available elsewhere to upload and/or if Pixel is OK with posting him elsewhere, 'cause I haven't asked her yet.)

Generation 2
Nichevo Ishkabibble (heir)
Nichevo's dad was Ben Long, and it shows in his nose. He has the big Ish founder eyes, though.

Download Nichevo

Lukhta Ishkabibble
Lukhta has a much reduced Ben Long nose, but it might still show up in her descendants.

Download Lukhta

Generation 3
Shtoot Ishkabibble (heir)
Shtoot has a good-sized nose, but unlike a lot in this family, it fits in the profile shot.

Download Shtoot

Hremija Ishkabibble
Bit of a brow ridge on her, but not much else to distinguish her.

Download Hremija

Nesmisel Ishkabibble
Getting a little frustrated by Bodyshop cutting off noses...

Download Nesmisel

Generation 4
Quatsch Ishkabibble (heir)
Quatsch is a blond, but colored his hair red in the legacy to win the heart of Sandy Bruty. Once again, his bulbous nose is so long that it won't fit all the way in profile in Bodyshop, so I had to tilt him a bit.

Download Quatsch

Roskaa Ishkabibble
Roskaa is probably the handsomest of the Gen 4s, in my opinion. ^_~ Bodyshop's screen cut off the tip of his nose. Still has those big Ish eyes.

Download Roskaa

Onzin Ishkabibble
Onzin's nose is clipped off because it doesn't fit in Bodyshop's window. I wouldn't have minded him as the heir. Then again, I wouldn't have minded Roskaa as the heir either.

Download Onzin

Generation 5
Jasper Ishkabibble (heir)

Download Jasper

Opal Ishkabibble
Opal's profile is nothing much, but she does have a generous mouth.

Download Opal

Generation 6
Ruby Ishkabibble (original heir)
Ruby was the original Gen 6 heir, but died in a house fire before having any heirs.

Download Ruby

Jet Ishkabibble (backup heir)
Jet was originally the spare, but got to take over the legacy bloodline after Ruby's unfortunate demise.

Download Jet

Generation 7
Jet Ishkabibble married Costa by simchester to produce the Gen 7 kids.
Nibble Ishkabibble (heir)
Nibble has a mean face, but an interesting one. Note that Nibble is not pictured in the outfit he wore in the story. Even though he's still wearing it at the time I took these pictures, I couldn't find it in Bodyshop at all. So you get this one instead.

Download Nibble

Tribble Ishkabibble
Tribble has a really neat look to her. She's very much a female version of Nibble. I think she has a calculating look.

Download Tribble

Quibble Ishkabibble
Quibble is packaged as a teenager. You can see what he would look like as an adult front and profile.

Download Quibble

Dribble Ishkabibble
Dribble is the most normal-looking one of this generation. She had a miserable childhood and teenhood and could use a happier story.
Dribble is packaged as a teen. You can see her adult form in profile and front view.

Download Dribble

Generation 8
Nibble married Penny Underwing by pixelcurious to produce the Gen 8 kids.
Note: This generation has extensive makeup
Other note: Their names are meant to run together (such as Squeamishkabibble). tolwynn is to blame for this.

Nebb Ishkabibble
Nebb has a really leonine look to him, doesn't he?

Download Nebb

Squeam Ishkabibble
Squeam is very much a catboy, isn't he? That's his mother's eyes and his father's nose, no two ways about it. (Extra chin from both parents.)

Download Squeam

Rad Ishkabibble
Rad always has cleaning-skill wants and then makes pukey noises if she's instructed to clean. She's the only kid without elf ears.

Download Rad

Starf Ishkabibble
Starf is, well, not super interesting to me, to be honest. :/

Download Starf

Generation 9
All these boys have pointy ears and S4 recessive skintone.

Surprise Ishkabibble
A good-natured Romance sim who looks a lot like his dad.

Download Surprise

Mystery Ishkabibble
Mystery was an unusual-looking toddler but really grew into his features.

Download Mystery

Enigma Ishkabibble
Enigma (Gen 9 heir) is a neat freak who gets grossed out by the least little bodily noise.

Download Enigma

Generation 10
Dix Ishkabibble
I believe all three Gen 10 boys (Dix, Zehn, and Decim) have elf ears.

Download Dix

Zehn Ishkabibble
I love his sharp face :)

Download Zehn

Decim Ishkabibble

Download Decim
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