Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly World Map, Week 10

I got a lot done on this, but it doesn't *feel* like a lot. It's also not very exciting to stitch this part, because it's mirror image of another part. But as soon as I'm done with it, then I'm on to more interesting bits to stitch!

Last week's progress:

This week's progress:

So I got a lot done on the upper central part. There's still areas with blending filament that need to be done; I just don't like working with the stuff. :/ So I'm putting off those areas for now and working on the rest of the map.

I do really like the colors and how it's turning out. But the mirror image part is boring! :P Also, those little "rays" are in ultra pale yellow, pink, peach, etc. and they're hard to stitch in anything other than perfect light.
Tags: works in progress, world map
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