Laridian (laridian) wrote,

bekscilla is cool: meme

My Your Friends are Cool Meme entry for bekscilla:

bekscilla. I haven't known you that long, so I don't have a big long back history to work from here. ^_^ But you were nice enough to Friend me first, based on my posts over in cross_stitch.

You are La Dictatora of the cross stitch community, which I have to respect because it's good to know someone is paying attention and making sure everyone plays nice. ;) You're a cross stitcher, of course, and since I am too, I know you must be cool by default – and also very patient, artistic, and dedicated! Xstitchers have to be all these things to get any of our projects done. ^_~

You're getting the eye surgery done to say farewell to glasses (if I understand your posts correctly) and that takes guts and, er, vision. (Sorry!) I've always wondered if I should have that done, but I'm too chicken to go through with it. ^_~ You write as though you're my age (you're about 9.5 years younger than me, I just noticed) which shows a high level of maturity.

We live in Melbournes halfway across the world from each other, which is neat in one of those "trivia" sort of ways. ^_^ And it's always nice to meet someone else who's happily married, too.

I hope I will get to know more about you as our mutual friendship continues! ^_^

ADDENDUM: I got your Christmas card today! :D Thank you!
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