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Now that I'm working on the world map, and want to finish that by the end of the year, I suddenly have other things on my plate (of course!):

- the biscornu pincushion for Pixie. The pattern is in a library book, so I can only work on it when I have the book (and I just got it back today - it's popular enough that I can't renew it, just jump back on the waiting list - go figure). Working on that now.
- Mom wants me to do a piece for the kitchen. The one she wants clocks in at 11x14". This is a nice standard size and I like the design too - it's been in the stash for years. But it's going to take a while to work on.
- a gift item for iceraptoress (which she knows about because I had to ask her about it ;) which hasn't come in yet, but is due to arrive in the next week.

Naturally, the "new and shiny" option means I want to work on EVERYTHING. But I need to realistically limit myself to what's feasible. Right now Pixie's biscornu has to get done first since I have to return the book in 2 weeks. The world map should still be priority one, since that's one of my 2011 Plans tasks. Only one BAP at a time, right? (That's Big-A** Project.) The gift item will probably alternate with the Christmas ornaments - those are about 2/3 done anyway, at this point, so finishing them won't be a problem - in terms of being a "purse project" to take on the road.

Mom and I went on the road today to look for a frame for the wedding sampler (which I still need to scan and post). No luck, couldn't find one we liked. We're looking at a 16x20" frame matted to 10x13" for the picture, which is a slightly odd size (usually it's matted to 11x14"). Hard to find but shouldn't be impossible. I'll cut the mat myself if I have to, but we need to find a nice frame first.
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