Laridian (laridian) wrote,

City of Heroes: Belated all-mastermind team report

We ran our first night of the all-mastermind team on Sunday, and it was a lot of fun. Members:

Dynosorcerer (not part of the supergroup, but iceraptoress' husband): Demon/thermal IIRC
Elantera (anthoras), Demon/pain IIRC
Steel Winds (Toly/tolwynn), Robots/storm (which promises to rock)
Vladek Janosek (me), Mercs/Forcefield
Undead Ebony (iceraptoress), Zombie/poison

Those of you who read the Tecza Legacy, Undead Ebony is indeed Ebony Tecza! She used some of her wicked dark magic to jump dimensions and end up in Praetoria. Her zombies appear to be either ex-boyfriends or something equally sinister. >_>;

I need to actually put Vlad's bio in the game, but he's based on an old tabletop RP character of mine, from back when the Iron Curtain was falling, so he needs an update for 21st century. So far his minions' names are still pronounceable, but I'm sure that will be fixed soon. ;)

Mercs seem a little less squishy than thugs so far. We got to level 10, which I'm happy about for a first night's work. On the other hand, each MM has only two minions so far. Once we get up to five or six, traversing doorways is going to be a challenge.
Tags: city of heroes/villains
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