February 18th, 2021

guybrush frazzled

Writing/posting status

Needless to say, with the recent massive power outages etc, my writing/posting has kinda gone out the window. I'm going to post what I have left for Fluffy February, and get through the Bad Trip posts, but I'm not going to hold to a timetable or finish the rest of the FF writing. What's done is done.

I can safely say that I do not see "snow day" as a happy fluffy prompt, after living through this week. :P

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happy guybrush

Rowan art by @pidgeydraws

This was originally supposed to be a Christmas present from [profile] seidooryuu to me, but delays etc on the artist's end. Anyway: it has finally finished! Art commission by [profile] pidgeydraws.

Rowan Dane from Bad Trip, all out of f***s (or spoons) to give.

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