February 15th, 2021

storm warning

Some snow pix

Oh, and also: Texas gets 20% of its power from wind turbines. Almost all of those have frozen up/shut down because of the extreme cold. The offshore platforms are also shutting down from cold. So the total amount of energy available has dropped dramatically, just when everyone's trying to keep warm.

There are rolling and nonrolling blackouts, with in many places no indication when it will come back on. Gas (for heating) prices are skyrocketing. Gas bills will be high next month, but we'll face that when we come to it.

So far, we still have power as I type this, but... who knows? The lemon tree is still toasty (comparatively; it got up to 21 today outside, 40s in the lemon bubble) but if we lose power, it'll equalize to outside temps within 4-5 hours.

Wild birds are hitting the feeders hard, no surprise there, we're keeping them as topped as we can.

Ice under snow, mostly, because it melted first last night before the weather really buckled down to business.

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