February 12th, 2021

fallout 3

52 Weeks prompt #6: Romance

I'd hoped the site would be back up by now, but it isn't, so, some days later than I intended to post it, is 52 Weeks prompt #6: Romance.

Viva New Vegas, Gunnar/Arcade, SFW. Probably the same night as Prompt #3, Hurt/Comfort, after Arcade has gone back to work and returned later, but can stand alone.

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fallout 3

Willow Ironwood: Outfits

@reallyhardydraws did some outfits/paper dolls for my Fallout 76 OC Willow and they are AWESOME! I love that the jacket has the Vault Tec logo on it even now XD

Damn he looks good, thank you so much @reallyhardydraws, you did great work and I hope to get more in future XD

(this is an excellent bundle for multiple outfits of your OC, btw, highly recommend)

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fallout 3

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 Temps are in the 30s right now, which is extremely unusual for this area. The lemon (my lemon!) and the grapefruit and the outside taps are covered, with lamps at the trees for a little extra warmth. It's not supposed to be too bad tonight (for definitions of "too bad"), but Monday's high is currently predicted to be 21 with a low of 7.

Those are... extremely unusual lows for this area. We haven't had them this low since we moved here. I'm really worried about the lemon. I mean, if it dies, I will grieve and get a new one, but this one has really rewarded us for the care we've put into it, and I don't want to lose it.

Had to buy a pair of gloves tonight because who needs gloves 10 months out of the year or more, here? And now I'll have gloves for the next five or six year or until I lose one or both.

I should start posting some arts here, I guess.

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go me!

New record!

22:39! WOOOOO Also I was a solo (I always am since I don't fight) against a team of 3. See that tiny little white circle, and the slightly larger yellowish circle around it? That's how far down the map was.

I watched and it's both scary and hilarious to see people running right past you and shooting up every other bush except yours and very obviously frustrated that where the eff is this clown! There's nowhere left to be!

Thing is, no way I could get to another safe bush when the time came without them seeing me, so I let the firestorm consume me rather than give them a free kill, since that's pretty much what I am in PVP.

(Willow uses camo in Nuclear Winter, btw. Flashy clothes are a good way to get killed there.)

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