November 23rd, 2020


Postcrossing quilt: World map update!

It's been a while because I have to save up incoming fabrics for it, but finally:

  • New Zealand! And that's the last country I had to add. (no I'm not adding Antarctica and have no plans to unless someone pays me)
  • Need to work up a "plaque" (forget exact word) to go probably in the upper Atlantic, with my name and the dates of work and why this got done and stuff. It'll have to be inkjet-printed, because no way I'm hand embroidering all that. My embroidering days are behind me.
  • Began trimming the overall size of the thing (it's still enormous) and adding some really big pieces for outer borders, you can see the first one on the left. I have some ideas for the corners but don't know how I'll get it done at the end, I'll figure it out after the borders are on.
  • Finished satin stitching Alaska and Mexico but just realized I need to do Canada's west coast, oops. Next time. Same for that bit of Burma/Myanmar
  • Yes the old and new worlds are on separate pieces. This thing is huge and it's easier this way. I'll sew them together at the end.
  • I still have a lot of fabrics for the back but I might wait until the front is done to complete that. I'm sewing all the "extra" fabrics together for the back. This is when someone sent 2+ fabrics, I used one on the front and the others go on the back. 
  • (For the new folks: all the fabrics except the ocean come from members of Postcrossing. Since it's dependent on the kindness of strangers who are willing to send me fabric, it's taking a while.)
  • This thing is going to be a wall hanging because no way on this green earth am I going to use this heavily stitched and appliqued thing as a blanket and then risk it in the wash. No no no. As it is this is probably going to be 8-feet wide?

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