February 6th, 2020

warning: science!

Fallout February 1: Enclave pendant

(yes, I'm behind, I'm catching up now that I found out about Fallout February)

Why is it that the "bad guy" organizations in Fallout have the best logos and designs?

Anyway I got this from Etsy and it's varnished stainless steel and feels weirdly dog-tag-like and it's just cool.

Fallout February is actually only supposed to be about 8 entries over the month but of course I'm Type A Overachiever so I have to do more than that.

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warning: science!

Fallout February 2: Prompt Writing

Vault Communities or Radiation

While there are a limited number of Vaults available, according to canon, you could really make the case for any number of them. After all, Vault-Tec hasn't shown itself to be completely transparent in any of its dealings, so who's to say there weren't hundreds or more, scattered around?

For my purposes, the only canon Vaults are those mentioned in the games themselves: the obvious ones such as Vault 76, 21, 13, etc. I know there are lots mentioned but never seen, like the ones Penny Arcade talked about waaaaay back when, but IMO those are jokes, not actual Vaults. They're just too silly on the face of it, to be real Vault concepts. (Plus, not appearing in the games.)

And of course let's not ignore how players always come from "control" Vaults. Which makes sense. It's a good frame of reference for people.

But as FNV showed, we don't need the player to come from a Vault. They can be anyone.

What I would love to see at some point is the chance to take over a Vault and make it a real community. A place to defend, build up, etc. Yes, I know there's Fallout Shelter. Not the same thing at all.

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fallout 3

Fallout February 5: Writing Prompt

Different Era Aesthetic or Delirium

Fallout's universe has a very specific midcentury aesthetic, a mix of dieselpunk (big heavy machines, big heavy guns) and atompunk (atomic power, laser guns) and good old 1940s-1950s styling. All of that appeals to me like whoa.

Some people note it's unrealistic for that world to have kept the same fashions and styles from 194X to 2077. I say it's actually more in keeping with history; the relentless shortening of time for fashions, fads and technology that we currently experience is an aberration of human culture. For most of human history, fashion and technology changed slowly. The current world mindset of "progress is the most important product" is very new and we haven't been able to keep up with it. It doesn't help that that mindset is abetted by capitalism and consumerism, to buy the next Latest Greatest Thing lest you be seen as hopelessly out of touch.

Therefore my headcanon is that this isn't them being out of whack; it's actually more in keeping with how humans are. The status of things has changed a bit here and there, but overall they reached this point in the 1940s and then settled into it. It might have stayed like that for decades more if the bombs hadn't dropped.

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