August 12th, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 9 is now on AO3: Something's Gotta Give.

~ ~ ~

"Obviously computers can send messages within the same building," Gunnar was telling Boone, as he and Arcade went through the book and magazine collection looking for anything that might help. "And messages must be getting through besides on the radio."

"I doubt it. NCR always used radio,” Boone said. “That's why you had to carry those codes to the different camps. How could a computer send messages? It needs wires."

"It's an interesting application, if we could make it work," Arcade said. "Imagine typing out your message and sending it directly to another computer miles away! Though I do suspect you'd need more wires."

"And let me guess, the factories that can make wires are long looted," Gunnar said, grimacing. "This world lost so much technology. You’ve lost the tools to make the tools to make the thing. To make good, reliable wires for high technology, you can't just heat up some metal over a really hot fire and… I don't even know how they made wire before factories," he admitted.

"Don't know, or forgot?"

"Same thing at this point. Hey, what if we got the Pipboy to convert radio signals into text on the screen? Could we do that?"

~ ~ ~

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