August 8th, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 8 is now on AO3: So Near and Yet So Far.

~ ~ ~

They found no Brotherhood and not much in the way of salvage. Not even a sign that the Brotherhood had been there.

"So this has been a complete waste of our time," Boone sighed.

"Not entirely." Gunnar tested one of the old chairs, sat down and began to type at a terminal. "Tabitha got her friend back."

"Yeah. That was good of you. I hope it pays off."

"I'm sure it will." Gunnar got into the terminal entries.

Hermes Communications, Inc.
Black Mountain Submatrix
System Online

Log 672 — October 21, 2077
We've been picking up a lot of activity from China's satellite network. The tension is pretty high around here. Frank's been talking about securing a place in one of those Vaults for himself and his family, and when he didn't show up to work yesterday, I think we all knew where he went.

Gunnar didn't know if he should keep reading. The final days of the old world…

~ ~ ~

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