August 5th, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 7 is now on AO3: Was That the Human Thing to Do?

~ ~ ~

"To Whom It May Concern — You!," Gunnar read aloud. "'We got some pretty good stuff from the last raid and unlike last time, I don't want any incidents. The only logical conclusion was to hide everything throughout this room. If you can read this, you have my permission to use any items you can find.' Then there's a list of things and it's signed Your Benevolent Supreme Overlord, Tabitha."

"Tabitha the Super Mutant?" Arcade said. "She's intelligent enough to write properly. She's probably the one on the radio."

"That was a woman?" Gunnar asked.

"All Super Mutants sound like that. Something to do with their vocal cords, I expect. Why do you look so surprised?"

"I guess I never thought some of them might be women," Gunnar said.

Arcade shrugged. "Why wouldn't there be? They're mutated humans. Undoubtedly Tabitha was a normal human before… What?" Boone was looking at him strangely. "Of course we Followers would know about this, because it's not the Super Mutants' fault that this happened to them," Arcade said.

~ ~ ~

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