July 22nd, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 3 has been posted: Let's Get Lost.

~ ~ ~

He came back to Boone and Arcade supporting him. "Everything's fine," he heard Arcade saying. "Just a stumble on the stairs. It's really dark in here, maybe you could turn up the lights just a bit."

"I'm fine," Gunnar said, not entirely truthfully. "I'm fine now. Thanks."

"This is the Brotherhood," Arcade muttered, before letting him go.

The Brotherhood? That sounded familiar — oh. The Brotherhood of Steel. They'd hunted the Enclave diaspora, and at one time had sided with the NCR. Probably not now, though — that's right, the Helios station, the NCR had routed the Brotherhood from there.

But the Vault, the one he'd gone into —

Put away the memory for now. Deal with it later. So, Arcade is just a Follower here, not a problem. And the Brotherhood is all about technology. Maybe we can strike a deal. Those armored suits would help in the upcoming war.

And if they're about technology, maybe they know where my Vault is.

~ ~ ~

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