July 18th, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 4, Chapter 2 of A Gun for Barns is on AO3: The Wayward Wind. A new faction makes an appearance.

~ ~ ~

Gunnar initially planned to visit the Omertas, but Arcade's request changed those plans. "We'll look for your people first, then by that time I'll probably have to establish myself better on the Strip."

This went well until Gunnar misinterpreted the map on his Pipboy, leading the three into a dust storm at night.

"How could you get us this off course?" Arcade said over the wind.

"Look, sometimes it just happens!" Gunnar held onto both his companions to avoid losing them in the storm. "Is there any way to get shelter?"

~ ~ ~

Read A Gun for Barns on AO3

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