April 8th, 2019


A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 2, Chapter 24: Be Careful, It's My Heart is now on AO3.
~ ~ ~
"I made a mistake. That mistake was… not… not staying with you." Gunnar could see Boone's nervous body language against the starlit sky. "I realized it. You said even if we make mistakes, we should try to make up for them."

Oh, damn, he's going to use my words against me. But most of the anger faded, if not the resentment, and Gunnar kept his tongue.
~ ~ ~
Read A Gun for Barns on AO3

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wow it's a beautiful day

Sun is shining, mid-70s temps, clear blue skies. I worked some on the tomato containers and the cardinal pair came to watch me. Today I got the trash bag covers onto the containers. The plastic acts as cheap mulch/ground cover/ pest reducer and in the south, the white reflects the light so the soil doesn't heat up too much. It also helps keep the moisture in the soil.

(Dad insisted on using the wooden dowels to help stabilize the tomato cages. I will probably adjust these sometime when he's out.)

There are frog (or toad) eggs in the waterfall! Chimney swifts flying overhead.

I got a bunch of postcards in the mail!

In Fallout 76, I took down my first Wanted player, which also got me an achievement, and then by happy coincidence someone nuked the Cranberry Bog while I was nearby, so I got to be part of the hunt for the Scorchbeast Queen. And omg I was so underpowered. XD I didn't have any big guns but at least I had a lot of grenades. Used up all my ammo and finally resorted to whacking away at it with my modified fire axe. BUT WE WON. omg that was a tough fight and it was awesome. Then I got my first violet flux afterward (from the nuked flora).

This is the picture I took of me next to the Scorchbeast Queen. Can you see the tiny black thing in my right hand? That's the fire axe. XD *poke poke* If I did any damage with that thing I'll be amazed, but maybe I was a distraction for the real heavy hitters. XD

Also, Greta got Disease #20 (of 22), Rattle Hands. There's an achievement for getting all 22 (not at once, just over time) so that was cool too. XD

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