April 7th, 2019


Tomatoes planted

In Garden City, a heroic team tries to keep invasive plants contained. Chief Crimson Beefsteak, the oldest and most senior, is too old for this manure. Cherokee Purple and the Black Prince work together on the mean streets around the mint. Following in his parents' footsteps, Better Boy is the green, enthusiastic rookie. Together they work to clean up this dirty town and make it a productive, happy place.

(The penta in the back is the hip uptown district, I guess.)

Back: Black Prince, Cherokee Purple
Front: Better Boy hybrid, Crimson Beefsteak

It's supposed to rain today so we may add more soil afterwards depending on how tamped down it gets.

Also we forgot to put down the white plastic trash bags to keep out weeds and other pests - oops. So this year maybe we'll mulch instead.

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