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April 1st, 2019

The Red Watermelon Scare of '52

When Olaf Prolisady speaks, the words come slow and measured, amply doused with the inflections of his native Russian.

"What I created was a . . . a . . . miracle," he says. "It could bring so much good to Florida, to the world. And yet. . . ."

He shakes his head and dismisses the rest of the sentence with a flip of his hand. His exasperation is obvious. And understandable.

Because Olaf Prolisady is a genius. A genius scorned.

And what he created is, indeed, a miracle, one that could improve life as we know it in Florida.

So why, just why, does no one believe Olaf Prolisady?

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A Gun for Barns: New chapter posted

Part 2, Chapter 22: The Housewife's Lament is now posted to AO3.

~ ~ ~

The wind howled outside, and he thought he heard screams. Just the wind, he told himself. Just the wind. Of course people came up with — with — things that would scream in the wind.

If they'd tried for the hills they might have gotten separated.

It was a, a warehouse, no, a place where automobiles are fixed and there was a computer, and he had a thing that you put into the computer to make things go and the lights went out, and the big man was angry

Gunnar's eyes flickered open. Dream? Memory? He swayed in place as he sat, head lolling forward again. No more noise. Next time stuff something in his ears, anything.

When he woke next, it was because the wind had stopped. He was still alive, and apparently unharmed.

…Why wouldn't he be alive?

~ ~ ~

Read A Gun for Barns on AO3

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Postcrossing quilt: fabric update!

This fabric comes from FI-3453763 who says: "This red fabric is made by Marimekko, world famous design, Finnish."

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