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March 22nd, 2019

Postcrossing quilt: fabric update!

Yes, back to back :)

Master list of fabrics: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2767863.html

Two matching pieces from CZ-1536965:

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Tiny Li'l Tote Bag

There were some issues which I would fix in the next one (and it's likely there will be a next one; this was actually kinda fun to do), but look what I made today! :D

This is a little bag I'm going to take with me to the Postcrossing meetup tomorrow. It's got enough room to carry postcards and some stamps and stuff in it. Tiny little leather strap handles.

Base is indoor-outdoor heavy duty fabric which I hope will wear well.

Things I would change if I did it again (and I probably will, this was fun and the end result is cute):
1) Bigger handles. I went with the suggested size and Dey Too Tiney.
2) I attempted to add a cardboard insert into the bottom for better stability; this did not work out and I had to remove it and add some very stiff interfacing instead. Would've liked to use the cardboard tho. :(
3) I accidentally used batting on the inner liner instead of thin interfacing. X_X No wonder it was so hard to sew through the layers by the end of it. Two layers of batting? AGH. Unfortunately I didn't realize my mistake until it was nearly complete.
4) Maybe make it bigger? idk?
5) I should be using this for quilting practice esp free-motion stuff. I went with preprogrammed wavy line to look sorta like a cancelled stamp.

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