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April 25th, 2018

April list 25: Foods to Love and Hate

First: Foods I hated, but now I'm OK with.

1. Onions. HATED them growing up. As an adult, cooked onions and caramelized onions are actually tasty; raw onions are still NO NO NO.

2. Squash/root vegetables. All of them tend to go in the "ew" department for kids, which I think is partly culturally caused. But as an adult I actually seek out squashes of all kinds. I can eat root vegetables but it takes some doing to make them really yummy. Like cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

3. Whole-wheat versions of things. They're OK. Whole wheat pastas have actually come a long way from when I first tried them.

4. Peas. Turns out fresh or frozen peas taste very different from canned peas.

5. Blueberries, of all things. I don't know why I thought blueberries tasted bad growing up. I started eating them when we moved here and I could go to the farm every spring and pick my own. Now I pick way too many. :P They're still not my favorite fruit, but they're pretty good.

Second: Things that still taste bad.

1. Fish of all kinds. Doesn't matter what kind. Doesn't matter how fresh. Doesn't matter how it's cooked. Fish tastes awful.

2. Leafy green vegetables: same. They all taste... the best word is "toxic". No, it doesn't matter what dressing you put on them. They have a harsh burny taste. Yes, lettuce isn't supposed to have any taste. It tastes bad.

3. Green tea. It tastes like grass clippings. I know there's plenty of people who love it, but I look at that or at the green tea powder and it makes me shudder.

4. Golobki (needs diacritics but I can't write them on a standard keyboard). YUCK YUCK YUCK. Probably because I grew up eating a bastardized version developed by my immigrant forefathers, but OH GOSH THESE ARE GROSS.

5. Bananas. Ice cream sundaes make these tolerable. Nothing else does. I hate that most smoothies require banana to thicken them, because I can taste that damn banana and it's yucky.

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Today's Postcrossing quilt fabric

This comes from a veterinarian in Moscow and is just too adorable for words.

I have several more pieces now and I should probably look into starting on Europe next. (I know Canada still needs to be finished but I was really struggling with it and so I don't mind putting it off a little while.)

Fabrics master list:

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Big Year update

Nighthawk, common

Count: 112

Master list: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2828955.html

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