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April 22nd, 2018

April list 22: Pets

Pets if I could have them/no obstacles, in order of achievability!

1. Fox. I have wanted one for YEARS. There are a few obstacles. First, most states don't allow them as pets of any kind; I don't know the legality in my state, but that's OK because second, they're expensive, not just to buy one, but because you need to foxproof your property. Third, they smell. I mean, YES I really want a fox that acts like a friendly dog, but there's so much work involved.

2. Aviary with all kinds of birds. This one might actually be achievable someday! If, y'know, I win the lottery or something. Again, birdproof the yard/aviary, also safeguard it against all kinds of predators/vermin, and then keep things OK for all the birds. But man. That'd be cool.

3. Horse. I like riding. I romanticize the whole "owning a horse" thing. Horses are big and need exercise and work and loads of vet care (apparently) and somewhere to stay and all that. But I still want a horse. And ideally a groom or ostler or someone to take care of the horse the rest of the time.

4. Old fashioned German shepherd. Not the ones with the sloping backs that give them hip dysplasia. These are the old style big boned ones with straight backs. They're pretty and (one hopes) of a healthier stature than the sloped back dogs. Huxrin, AD and I all like GSDs, but Toly doesn't like large dogs and someone has to walk them and exercise them.

5. Dachshund. Wiener dogs! Who don't need as much exercise and are generally of good temperament! And the most likely ones that the entire family could accept! Anyway, you can't really have any "prey" type pets in the same house as a dachshund, and the stairs would be a real problem for their backs. And they do still need to be walked and picked up after.

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