June 6th, 2017


Stonehenge braid

Due to issues beyond my control, the Lucasarts quilting project is on hold for the moment. So I went through my Page Two of other stuff I want to work on and found the Stonehenge braid.

It's basically "cut pieces and sew them so they look braided" and I'm using a set of Stonehenge fabrics, specifically these (it's the SM-5 set down near the bottom of the page). I got these no earlier than 2012 because that's the date on the package, and I know they were a gift from either Mom or [profile] iceraptoress. (I apologize for not being precise!)

There's enough to maybe do 2 baby quilts or 1 lap quilt in Christmas colors of red/green, and a twin size quilt in blue/yellow/white/gold. Huxrin asked me to make her the latter. Since I can't do the medical quilt for her, this will suffice. And while I work on that, I can decide whether to do 1 or 2 quilts in Christmas. Christmas stuff might sell, but it's basically "do I try to make 2 of something in hopes they'll both sell, since I'm cutting all this fabric anyway".

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Gold/Blue braid, WIP

This was originally going to be for a twin size quilt but now Huxrin wants a king size "for when I get married", which means I need more fabric, so right now I'm really not sure what the next step is going to be. But anyway. Here's the WIP of the Stonehenge braid (so called because that's the brand of fabric).

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