March 19th, 2016

xmas johnny

Christmas tree quilt wall hanging, complete

This was the March assignment for the 2016 UnFinished Objects challenge. I last did this one... sometime last year, I know at the time I was thinking "Oh, I'll get this done in plenty of time for Christmas!" And then I had trouble with batting and backing, and the material reeeeally isn't friendly to pins, and I set it aside because I just couldn't get it to work.

So upon taking it up for March, first thing I did was rip out and discard the batting and backing and start with fresh materials. You get what you pay for and I upgraded both. I still had some problems with the material, but y'know what? It's completed.

Now, here's a puzzle about it. The pattern specifies you get a 4' tall wall hanging out of it. Mine ended up at 6'. I really don't know what I did wrong. All the pieces are the right size, and you can't add 1/8" to all the seam allowances and still get 2' out of it. So now it's very suitable for hanging on a door!

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Two different jellyrolls of green batiks and patterns were used here, one from a quilt festival and one from Joanns, plus some snowflake background I got in Alaska. The backing fabric came from a going out of business sale at Hamilton Fabric.

Plans are to make a sleeve on the back for a dowel, add some twine, and it'll hang very nicely from a hook on the front door come Christmastime.