December 5th, 2015


Flavored creamer singles

I was trying to search for "flavored creamer singles variety pack" on Amazon and as soon as I typed in "flavored" it suggested all kinds of adult products. >:(

But seriously - I do like the flavored creamers, and the singles keep it in portion control (and don't require refrigeration). But the bulk packs at Sams only come in French Vanilla or Hazelnut. I want to try a variety pack to test some other flavors before I special order a gross of a single one.

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"Grandchildren" cross stitch update

I haven't posted about this in a while, but there's the "Grandchildren" cross stitch that a relative of mine did originally, back in the early 1980s, and ever since college (when I got into cross stitch) I've been tasked with adding the great-grandchildren to the thing, for Gram. There were originally 14 empty spaces for adding names.

(It looks something like this, except Gram's has the birthdates added:

This week I finished adding the two newest great-grandchildren to it, bringing it to, I think, 20. I had to keep adding borders and spaces. I did not take a picture when it was done.

I don't enjoy cross stitch much these days. I did it for ages, so I'm not surprised that eventually I burned out. A big part of that was because my eyes just can't see the smaller details any more. The reason I added the two new names this week was because my aunt asked me to, as the person who's worked on it since college. But it was hard going this time, having to use reading glasses or no glasses or lenses at all, and it was definitely not my best work.

I hope there aren't any more great-grands for a while, I don't know that I can do another one. Also, there isn't much room left. I figure, when Gram passes on (which could happen soon), it's done; no more will be added.
guybrush frazzled


So I have a brotp that I don't talk much about, because it's a quiet sort of brotp thing, and I mentioned it to someone on another social media platform and they said "oh that's so cool" and then they turned it into an otp. Uh, OK, I really prefer brotp for those two but, y'know, everyone's tastes are different.

But now they've dedicated a fic to me of those characters in prison AU dubcon and eeeeeeechhhh it's setting off all my squick sensors and I don't know what I'm supposed to respond because I can't say "oh that's wonderful, thank you, it's lovely!"

Suggestions other than "ignore and hope the problem goes away"?