August 8th, 2014

tf2 gunter

Forever War: A Load of Hogwash

Team Fortress 2 fanfic featuring the OC BLU Team featured here.

Quick rundown of the characters seen here:

Lonnie - the Engineer. Older than the rest of the team (mid to late 50s).
Sasha - the Scout. Kind of squirrelly, like any Scout should be, but basically a nice kid. He's been tasked to teach English to:
Finn - the Sniper. New to the team, he's from a remote and rural part of Finland, and arrived on the team speaking no English.
Vlad - the Soldier. Team leader.
Gunter - the Medic, aka "Doc" because half the team can't pronounce his name. Also new to the team, and not very experienced at, well, pretty much any of the more practical aspects of life.

No warnings (it's a humor piece).
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