July 13th, 2012

cross stitch

Weekly World Map, Week 34

World Map update time! I got so much done this week!

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In related xstitch news, I've been charting the Secret of Monkey Island characters for a future SoMI chart, like the LucasArts sampler. There's 12 characters I'd like to use in it (making for a rather big piece - I'll have to calculate how much space I'll need) and I've completed 8 of them. It'll still take a while to finish them, and then of course I've got to get the material and start the stitching...

And I think this would be cute to stitch for Pixie's birthday/Christmas present.
storm warning

You know, this watery manifestation of a wrathful, vengeful God couldn't have come at a worse time

Due to all the rain, I can't leave my subdivision. All the roads are closed because of the flooding.

Working from home, which is nice, but man, I'm glad we got our grocery shopping done yesterday, since we're not likely to get out again soon. Oh, and it's raining again. Reminds me of the old phrase: "Anything not nailed down floats away; anything nailed down drowns."