August 25th, 2011

coh sims

Sims 2 and ACR

I'm considering finally getting ACR for use in my BACC (assuming I've done everything right to create a 'clean' template for the game...). I've read the FAQ and the Readme but they don't quite answer my question. So, those of you who have used ACR: is it possible/easy to have one 'hood (story hood) without ACR, and one 'hood (BACC) with ACR? Or, once I load ACR, will it end up overriding everything in my game? I want to keep the story 'hood non-ACR so I can control what happens, but I think I'd like to try ACR in the BACC.

Yes, the Ishes are finished, I'm just being lazy about getting their last installment up. Probably next week.