Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Spring Cleaning

This is a dozen bags of trash cleaned out of the kids' rooms. Okay, almost entirely Imp's room. The closet was not approachable beforehand (you couldn't get to it, and then you couldn't get in it). It's all dry trash - broken toys, outgrown toys, stuff that can't be recycled or donated or re-used somewhere else. It's still a hell of a lot, pardon my French.

There are 2 more bags upstairs (one very large), and this doesn't count the paper we set aside for recycling. His room is still messy, but it's now much more containable, and we have some big plastic bins to put things in from here on.

Pixie's room wasn't as bad (I harrowed her room last year) so she just got the "clean up your room and don't shove it in the closet" speech.

Honestly, from this point on, I'm going to tell people to just give the kids gift cards or "experience" gifts or money (for college) rather than toys. He got a lot of useless stuff in 2010 and that's a big chunk of what got into the plastic bags today. (Experience gifts being - paying for horse-riding lessons, or rock-climbing, or a museum pass, or taking them somewhere - that kind of thing.)
Tags: cleaning
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