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One last birthday gift for iceraptoress - Octopockles!

Medium: General
Subject: Octopi & Squids
Title: Octopockles
Warnings: None
Notes: This started life as a birthday gift idea for iceraptoress: Why not a fanmix about octopi and squid? Nobody's done one of those before! It looks like nobody's done one because there aren't that many songs out there. Once you get past "Octopus's Garden", the hunt is on for a rare species indeed.

There are actually several octopi or squid songs available on YouTube, sung by people in their homes, with the quality you'd expect from such a situation. I tried to avoid those. At the same time, I wanted a minimum of 8 songs, because I like to have non-EP fanmixes. But I could find only six, so here's my first EP.

My other fanmixes can be found here.

Tom Chapin - Billy the Squid
This is probably a children's song. Loaded with puns, country melody, and a romance between a squid and a clam.
From the Grand Banks he'd steal sand dollars
And escape on his seahorse named Sid
He took from the selfish and gave to the shellfish
Did big-hearted Billy the Squid.

The Beatles - Octopus's Garden
This is the one from the Love album. The track that started this whole idea.
I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus's garden with you

Bryn Portas - 8 Arms to Hold You (The Squid Song)
Fun fact: "8 Arms to Hold You" was the original working title of the Beatles' movie Help!
I have the largest eyes in all the sea
But all I see is you
Because you're just like me
You're a giant squid too

Jonathan Coulton - Octopus
Octopus, some kind of octopus
Tearing my shell apart, letting the sea get in
You make my insides outside

Parry Gripp - Paul the Octopus
Sadly, Paul the World-Cup-predicting octopus has shuffled off this mortal coil. But he still has a song!
You pick the winner when you eat your dinner
Paul the Octopus, we love you!

Patrick Reagin - Squid vs. Whale
Who would win? You won't find out here.
Squid and whales, battle of the century
Squid and whales, determined to control the sea

RAR version:
ZIP version:

By the way, my history of the word "Octopockles" starts with the old Pogo comic strip, which had a really funny arc about grammar (no, really) involving how to variously say you were captured by an octopus. This being Pogo, the characters all speak in a made-up creole-ish English that results in none of the characters actually being able to say the word "octopus" correctly. "Octopockles done got me!" is one potential result.

I couldn't find any scans of the arc online, which is a drag, because I would've loved to use that for cover art. Instead, I've used the image of an octopus pendant I gave iceraptoress for her birthday. :) The pendant comes from Ghamer Studios if you're interested in your own handmade cephalopod pendant.
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