June 6th, 2006

fallout 3

Teenage relics

So Mom gave me a box of stuff out of the attic to decide what I wanted to do with it. (She also, she tells me, threw out all my old college clothes except the sweater Grandma gave me. I didn't know I still had my old college clothes.) Anyway, some of it is potentially eBayable. The funny part is... the fanart.

I have a fanart from 1989. I know this because that's the date on the back of the framing. The conceit was lame - it's a D&D character based on a singer I liked at the time! - but the art looks cool. I don't know whether to laugh or hang it up.

Now that I think about it, I had a couple more of those done at the same time... XD Ooooh man. Fangirlism, ahoy!
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Swimming lessons went *way* better today. :) Maybe Imp just slept better or he got religion or whatever, but today he was nice as pie and followed the lifeguard's instructions completely, and both kids had a really good time at swim lessons. Pixie loves them so much she wishes we could go back after lunch! :) I think today I'll take them down to the pool for an hour or so. Anyway, after swim lessons, because they both did so well, I treated 'em to plain ice cream at McDonald's, then we did some necessaries shopping.

Stuff still to do today: work tonight, do some CoH stuff, write a fic (only one in the buffer! Ack!), maybe some xstitch. Hm. Busy night, looks like! :D