March 5th, 2006

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Adventure game compilations?

Not sure who else might be interested in these - Sierra games are notorious for easy ways to kill the character - but it looks like Vivendi Universal Interactive is releasing several compilations on March 30 of this year:

Leisure Suit Larry
Police Quest
Space Quest
Kings Quest

All of them on the same day, all of them $19.99 (IIRC). No other information available (I got this info from Amazon), and Vivendi's site doesn't mention them at all. Oh, the Amazon listing does say they're for WinXP.

I'm guessing these are XP-compatible versions of the game series - some of these started in the 1980s IIRC - maybe run through an emulator. Given that you can get walkthroughs on GameFAQs, if these are genuine, playable compilations, they might be worth picking up. Or maybe not - until the thing comes out, or more info is released, it's really hard to tell.
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Various stuff

~450 words on Suzerain so far today, but I'm not sure I'm happy with it. The writing is fine, but I don't think it's the direction I want the story to go. So I'm taking a break.

Church went OK. Imp had no problem staying home with Toly. (Yay!) Apparently the two of them bonded over construction equipment, the sandbox, and Bob the Builder. Pixie and I bonded on the drives over to church & back, me answering her questions about platelets, allergies, germs, and other medical fun. ^_^

(Sims people, remember when I created my family as sims a while back? And I said I wasn't sure what aspirations the kids would be? I think Pixie would be Knowledge and Imp would be Money, since she likes science and he always is asking for more toys...)

I had coffee but I feel a bit tired, so I suppose I'll go make caff tea and have leftover pork from last night. And more quinoa (acgh).
fallout 3

Sunday afternoon

Got the silver-gray bit done on a couple more runes and started on a third. Doing it like this is really speeding up the process. With any luck I can get all the runes knocked out quickly this way. :)

Going to take the kids to a park momentarily.

Tried doing some OFB-stuff (starting a store) and noted to Toly that even if the door is locked to permit only the owner, somehow sims still wander in unless you get the Open/Closed sign and post it to Closed. Not sure WTH is going on there - locked should mean, like, locked, right? 9_9;
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Quinoa "porridge"

1.5 cups cooked, cooled quinoa
1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses
Splash of milk
Handful of the nuts of your choice (I used pecans)

The earthy flavor of the quinoa is covered up quite nicely this way, and the nuts help add some variety of texture. I'm not kidding when I say "a splash" of milk. Cooked quinoa, like rice, can't really absorb much mroe liquid. But the milk helps the molasses, I guess. Overall, I now have an actual reason to eat this stuff and like it. Considering it's one of these high-protein superfoods, maybe I'll have another bowl for breakfast. (I had two bowls of it this evening.)