December 26th, 2005

fallout 3

Boxing Day afterwards

No comments on the Jeffries family, huh? I'll just assume you're all off enjoying a day off after Christmas or whatever. ;)

Kinda quiet day. Didn't realize so many places were closed. Did some Sims. Did some Xstitch (berry sampler, getting a lot done on that one). Visited the folks a bit, got our Christmas checks. The kids' checks of course go right in their accounts. Toly's and my checks, as soon as they clear, will pay for getting the other bathroom fixed at last. *sigh of relief* We haven't been able to use that shower/tub in months because the tiles came off the wall on their own. So now we can afford to get that fixed. Huzzah!

Mom noted that I didn't ask for any games this year for Xmas. I said no, 'cause I had my "top five" - Pirates!, Civ4 (Toly gave it to me for b'day), CoH, CoV, and Sims2. I don't really need anything else. Toly's broken into Soul Calibur 3 and is messing around with that. He also as a sort of Xmas present to me logged Heat in last night and got him that Toy Collector badge. Yay! :D

I need to come up with a new icon for the post-Christmas season, and I think I know which one.
fallout 3

Spearmint, o herb of the gods

The kids went to bed at 7 (a small fringe benefit of no naps during the day). So what have I done with my evening?

make & eat spearmint ice
cruise LJ
make a list of the MST3K titles we have on DVD - all 41 of them! - so we can sell the VHS tapes we bought, and ditch the ones we recorded off TV. We still have, oh, a few hundred to go, so I hope there's a lot more MST3K box sets comin' down the pike.

On spearmint. I like spearmint. I do not particularly like peppermint. But spearmint is darn hard to find, while peppermint is everywhere. Thanks to mimerki fronting me a $5 gift certificate to Adagio Teas, I now have a bag of loose spearmint leaves. Several months ago I had enough foresight ("I might need this someday, maybe") to buy a tea ball (which leads to me wanting soooo badly to create a CoV villain called the Green Teabagger, which is just soooo wrong, but anyway).

Wow, was that parenthetical enough?

To get back on track: so this afternoon I made spearmint tea. Yay! And then I poured it in a pan and froze it, intending to make mint tea granita. Except that after the first time stirring it, I kinda forgot about it and then had to go grocery shopping and visit the folks and stuff, so when I came home it was a solid block instead of nice fluffy grainy tea-flavored ice.

Thawing on the counter helped. And now, after eating most of the panful of ice (once it thawed enough to get slushy), I am left with a bowl of chilled melted previously-ice tea, with bits of leaves in the bottom. But it is spearmint, and that's fine by me. *^_^* 'Cause I can still drink it right from the bowl.

In other news: got a novel installment done, did some Legacy sims, and have started on something else, but I won't tell you what in case I don't get it finished. And I think I'm going to upload my new icon so I can cycle "santa" and "xmas heat" out.


Well, I hoped to get another fic out tonight, but I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. Maybe I can finish it tomorrow. 'Night!