July 15th, 2005

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Car troubles

Well, this morning Toly's car wouldn't start. Yep, dead battery again. As you might recall we replaced the previous "dead battery" within the past few weeks... so guess what. It's likely the alternator this time. Loose battery cable. D'oh! But better that than layout out money for a new alternator.

So I called AAA, only to find that our membership had expired. >_<;; Renewed membership, was told I could then call for road service immediately. Did so. Tow truck will be here within 2 hours to take it to Howard for repair. Hope like anything it gets fixed soon (today would be nice!). Meanwhile, Toly took the van to work, so the kids & I are stuck at home unless some other arrangement is made.

...All of which, incidentally, means I'm likely not going to Sam's Club for groceries until tomorrow! Harry Potter release day! The day I'd wanted to avoid! XD But we're down to one egg and enough milk for 24 hours and so on. So I've got to go tomorrow no matter what. Might as well see if I can snare a copy of HP while I'm there. ^_^; We're probably still going tomorrow - today is payday and Toly wants me to wait until after the check is deposited. But we might go to Publix for other things like yogurt.

Still haven't had breakfast, so I'll see what I can rustle up now.

Geek question: Anyone got a recommendation for cleaning keyboard keys? Not the "board chow" down below the keys, the keys themselves. Mine feel a little greasy, but I can't tell if it's accumulated skin oil or just that the keys are getting worn down and smoothed. (The top-row number keys are still textured.) I'd like to see if cleaning helps.
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Androfic: FMF 17: Fishing

Well. Upon doing the math for julnawrimo, according to the calculator, by today I should have written 25,005 words to be "up to date" (at 1,667 words/day). And here I thought I've been running behind.

Then I look at last night's post and see that, no, actually I've written 28,711. So if anything, I'm 3,706 words ahead.

I have no idea how I miscounted so drastically, but boy did that suddenly take some pressure off. Unless, of course, I've overcounted somewhere and I'm still actually behind. >_<;;

Anyway, a short Androfic.

For 15minuteficlets' Challenge #17. Actual word not shown here so as not to spoil it for other FMF writers.

Title: Fishing
Fandom: Star Control (pre-SC1)
Rating: G
Character: Nick, Dean
Word Count: 503
Notes: Eleventh month of 2111, Eta Vulpeculae 2. Sometime after "Peace Day."
To be archived at Androsynth Series.
Disclaimer: The Star Control universe and concept of the Androsynth are property of Toys for Bob. The Androsynth society, all characters in my Androsynth fics and all extrapolation of those ideas are mine.

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New userpic & contest notice & schooling stuff

Well! Dark skies in the west - rain time! And a mild headache. But I've wanted to use my new Headache userpic for a while, so here it is. Guess we're not going to the pool today. Thundery!~

Wrangling with CoH fic "Train Wreck." Mostly figuring out who's there by now.

PC Gamer magazine is giving away 5 copies of Psychonauts. All you have to do is send an email to eyewitness@pcgamer.com with "Psych Me" in the subject heading, and include your name/address in the body of the email. I would do this in a heartbeat, but Florida law prohibits it. (See, Canucks? You're not the only ones. Rhode Island and Puerto Rico are the same way.) US Residents only, except where noted (boo!) If anyone wants to do this for themselves, though, go for it. Or do it for me & mail me your copy afterward. :P I'll pay postage!

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Julnawrimo progress, corrected

I went back through all the fics I've posted for Julnawrimo and come up with 22,934 words (fiction) written in July so far. I'm still short 2,071 to be "on target" for today, though. So I'm going to get back to work.

Still, it's good to know where I stand for certain.

Poll, 'cause I'm bored

Okay. By my count, I still have the following:
CoH (ongoing)
Androsynth (ongoing)
Push vignette/one-shot
"love letter" challenge from mimerki

But since I can't have too many things going on at once, I'll throw on a poll too. And it's got ticky boxes, so you can vote for however many you want. Oh, and you can suggest stuff in comments if you feel like it. Or not. Up to you. :P

What one-shot would you like to see continued? (check all you like)

Worm-Ridden (Monkey Island)
Shadows in the Light ("Mirror 9s")
Fight Scene (unrevealed)
Crossovers (a la "Imperfect Pitch,", though not *that* one necessarily)
Storm Warning (original)
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(no subject)

Still playing NationStates, still running the Colony of the Androsynth. Today's update, which should be highly amusing for Androsynth readers:

Location: Outer Reaches of the Universe

The Colony of The Androsynth is a huge, environmentally stunning nation, notable for its punitive income tax rates. Its compassionate, cynical population of 613 million are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Social Welfare. The average income tax rate is 97%. A tiny private sector is dominated by the Arms Manufacturing industry.

The police have reaffirmed their tough stance on drugs, all marriages are arranged by the government, the police are tightening their grip on alcohol smugglers, and children have taken to using semaphore in light of the recent mobile phone ban. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. The Androsynth's national animal is the viral bioweapon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the credit.

The Androsynth is ranked 1st in the region and 10,222nd in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

I told Toly "Hm, they're listed as both compassionate and cynical - those aren't things that normally go together."

His response (speaking as an Androsynth): "We'll help the stupid *beeps* but you know they'll only eff themselves up again!"

On a less (?) dark note, it's the thing of giving the homeless bum a buck, even though you know he's just gonna buy booze with it.
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CoH Fic: Train Wreck

Title: Train Wreck
Word count: 1,000
Warnings: Some language
Fandom: City of Heroes/Sunday 9s
Characters: Lapis Lizard, Winged Vixen, Heat Lightning, Doc Rayvn, Emerald Flames, Epsilon Omega, Frozen Pyro in speaking roles. And some other folks.

Timeline: Takes place after "Aftermath, Part One".

If you've read the previous fics, you know who these people are and what's going on. If you haven't, you might want to go read them first, 'cause this will make lots more sense after you read the other ones. Check the Memories section, under "CoH Fiction" in my LJ info.

Copyrights 'n stuff: The City of Heroes universe is copyright Cryptic Studios/NCSoft. The individual characters of the Sunday 9s were created by their players. I created Heat Lightning, Boneshatter, most of the NPCs, the shard and all of the Aligned and their concepts.

Comments welcome, as always. And let the train wreck begin!

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CoH Fic: No, It's Not Xavier's Place

Title: No, It's Not Xavier's Place
Word count: 1,075
Warnings: Some language
Fandom: City of Heroes/Sunday 9s
Characters: Yes. ;) Oh, all right...

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Notes: Completely AU – it's CoH High School at last! And you thought I forgot! :P A side effect of this is that it doesn't have a whole lot of bearing on the 9s as we know them. The ending is weak (I'm tired and want to go to bed, but also wanted to post this) and I figure it's a one-shot – I've sat on this thing for so many months now that I know it's too hard for me to do this setting without turning it into a bad Teen Movie. So, yeah. :) It's a fun concept, though. Just not an easy one to write when you don't watch teen movies or TV shows.

Copyrights 'n stuff: The City of Heroes universe is copyright Cryptic Studios/NCSoft. The individual characters of the Sunday 9s were created by their players. I created Heat Lightning, Boneshatter, most of the NPCs, the shard and all of the Aligned and their concepts.

Comments welcome, as always. Even on stuff like this. ;)

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