July 10th, 2005

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Sunday morning.

Well, we got a ton of wind and rain rattling the windows about 1:30 am. I know this because M needed a drink of water and K got a little scared of the storm. (Or, as she just told me: "That rain just made me nervous!") It's one of the far bands of the hurricane, I think.

No headache this morning! Damn, I need to find that permanent immobile hurricane and move near it...

Called bekscilla this a.m. and blew a phone card on it. (60-min phone card US turns into a 15-min phone card for Australia.) That was fun. :) She doesn't sound like I pictured. I mean, I know what an Aussie accent sounds like, her voice was different than what I thought it would be. (She politely made no comment on my voice. ;)

Going to the folks' house for breakfast around 8:30, so that's another hour. I think I know what I'm going to write today, which is good as I've got to do 4400+ words. Kinda wish I hadn't told the folks I was doing Julnawrimo, 'cause they want to know how Suzerain progress is going, and, um, it ain't. I don't know what's with me with that thing. Well, actually, I do know. I want to get to the neat part far down the road, but I have to do all this expositionary stuff up front. :/ So I just said it was going along fine, and didn't say I was writing CoH fic or shared-universe Androsynth or anything like that. >_>;

So today I want to concentrate on fic first, and give myself a breather from xstitch after yesterday's marathon. Also burn some CDs of new music and the CoH Soundtrack, Sunday 9s version, which I'm still missing a track for Zoom. But since I rearranged and got new music I want to burn a new one of that so I know what I'm listening to.
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CoH Sims: Trouble in the Home

I am so far behind on my writing. I still owe 4400 words, but I lay down and slept for 2 hours 'cause I needed it. So now I've got to do that, but the kids are waking up, and tonight is the Sunday 9s. I may have to crunch out like 6k words tomorrow, owie. O_O;

Got the teapots to the Michael's store for their frame sale and it still costs a mint because it's such a weird size. Ouch.

Meanwhile, on to some stuff I did this a.m. Because it's time for...

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