May 4th, 2005

fallout 3


(or as ladyday called him, Chopstick ;D )

The kids have a Sesame Street book called "Puppy Love" in which Bert and Ernie have to take care of someone's puppy for a day. At the end of the day Ernie says "Y'know, Bert, taking care of a dog is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun." I'm still on the "lot of work" bit with "Some fun" attached. Mostly, it reinforces that we are not ready for a pet in this household. He's an OK dog as far as things go, but yeah, like I figured, I'm the one doing all the work - making sure he's got food and water,

-- I just looked at Sesame Street (which is on) and apparently they're either in Medieval Times or have gone to the Renaissance Faire --

Anyway, making sure the dog gets walked at the right times (several times a day, before bed, upon waking), kicking him off me during the night, and playing with him. He's still a puppy, technically, and since he's a rat terrier, his idea of play is fetch and tug-of-war with his toy frog (about the right size of a rat, I noticed). The kids are a bit nervous about taking it from him - he's a mouthy little thing and we've all felt his teeth by now - and they can't take him for walks because sometimes he lunges on the leash and they can't hold on. If they were older, it'd be different - they'd have more body mass and be able to hold on better. Oh well.

Mom slipped me $50 in Walmart gift cards when she dropped off the dog. A hint, maybe? Well, I already used some of them getting stuff for the kids...

Oh! I found a to-die-for 100% whole wheat bread machine recipe. I use the bread machine more than make it by hand, partly because of time and partly because of the kids. This bread is excellent - fine-grained texture, all whole wheat, and divine when eaten warm with homemade garlic butter melting into it. Le Yum. Recipe provided upon request. :)
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Addendum to previous post

And before anyone says "Get a cat, they're less work," there are several reasons why I don't want a cat. There's the whole litterbox thing; I don't much like cats (kittens are OK, but they turn into cats); and several members of my family are ferociously allergic to cat dander. As in, trip to the hospital-allergic. There is no way on God's green earth that I'm telling them to get a prescription before they visit my house.

Plus, I don't much like cats.
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Welcome rainbear to my Flist! :)

I'm trying to write, but I just can't concentrate... I4, get here before the kids wake up! I wanna go buy clothes for my characters!

... maybe I should write Androfic instead. Or a poll! Or...
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Just for giggles...

Poll #487675 Who lives and who dies?

Should the 9s arrest/detain the Aligned, or off 'em?

Arrest/detain them. The 9s are better than that.
Bump 'em off! Revenge for drew and the other stuff they did!

If you chose "Bump 'em off!" above, who in the Aligned deserves it most?

Eric (!)
The shard itself
Ticky boxes are back!
random minions and unnamed Aligned
oh yeah still makes me laugh

Dear comic book companies (and one in particular),

I realize that times were once simpler, but honestly, when I see the title "GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING", it makes me sporfle whatever I'm drinking at the time, and I can't help but think that, y'know, someone involved in the production of said title might've caught the innuendo too?

Still sporfling,
heat lightning 2

"I'm too sexy for my shirt"

First: I4 is up!!

Second: Heat now has a brand spankin' new outfit, and a somewhat reshaped face. I'll probably have to copy the face to his other costumes, won't I? And the body type. I'll do some before/afters on that.

Third: Bone ran out of cash. Heat still has a bunch, but I need someone to play money launderer for me. Anyone able to do that tonight?

Fourth: I gotta get Teff over there too. He's SL14, so he should be able to get to an Icon store without trouble (probably in IP - Steel's mobbed) but he'll need money from Heat too.

Meanwhile, Collapse )

More new costume pictures!

Spent 2 hours moving CoH money around and getting all the costuming taken care of. (Like, if you adjust the face/body on one costume, the others stay the same, so you have to go do those too...) And finally logged out when the lag got too bad. Over 860k in influence, gone in one night! Dang.

Anyway, Collapse )
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