March 29th, 2005

technical difficulties


My typing skills are crap right now (I'm correcting a LOT as I type). Last night I was exhausted, got to bed by 10:30. A little after 11 I was woken up because of something banging in the wind, so I had to fix that. Then periodically through the night M would cry out in his sleep and that woke me up every time. Then he woke up at 6 am (K doesn't get up until 6:30 so that's what I'm used to). I waited to see if he'd go back to sleep, but by 6:15, no dice. (there were 8 corrections in that last sentence alone, I think it's a new record)

/typo correction off
So I'm very very tired this morning and not all that coohernt and don't know exactly how Im'tgoing to get through the day. Much less achieve andything worthwhile. And they're so happy and upbeat and awakea and ooooh man I'm tired. zzzz
what do you want

Still very tired

Going to nap when the kids do (which probably guarantees they won't nap long/at all). Still exhausted. Getting hypersensitive to things, which means I won't be reading my Flist until I get some rest, 'cause I'll get very ranty while remaining inchoerent, and I don't want to burn andtyt bridges. Leaving typsos in for the benefit of those who think

... I just wrote "for teh benefit of those who think". Ihave no idea what I was trying to write. I am too d*mn out of it. Later. It's only 45 minutes until naptime... I might get something to eat.

Occurs to me I need an exhausted/sleepy icon. that's later too.
fallout 3

Had the nap

Got close to 2 hours, I think. I know I dreamed; mildly unpleasant dreams involving someone harassing my 83-year-old grandmother. Woke up when Toly left at 2 pm (!). See, Toly comes home at noonish and leaves about 30 minutes later - that's how long lunch is at his company, 30 minutes. So I don't know what happened here - did he take a long lunch? Did he too decide to nap and forgot to set the alarm? I kinda doubt the second one, because he would've just kept sleeping until an outside force (me) woke him up. Guess I'll ask him tonight.

hylandr took pity on my blathering that I needed a "sleeping" icon and made one for me. Thank you! You know, 50 icons is more limiting than I thought for LJ... I use the icons as my mood theme, really. The CoH pics for various CoH news, Technical Difficulties for, well, just those occasions, and so on. I need more icons slots, dangit, because I keep having to remove some in order to bring in the new ones. I base it on "have I used this one at all lately?"

Anyway. Because I napped, and K is now up, I will have my brother's work to do tonight, plus everything else piled on me. *sigh* And my dad is home sick, yikes. And I can't find my 3-hole punch. Given the disaster area that is my desk/the entire office, I shouldn't be surprised, but a 3-hole punch is big, you know?

On the writing plan: Heatfic, Meanwhilefic, Highschoolfic, Androfic... I know I'm missing something in there somewhere...
fallout 3


Okay, since everyone else is doing it, here's my LiveBrownie thingy...
My LiveBrownie status!

(note: the graphic might not appear right away... apparently this is the IN thing today and the site is semi-swamped)

So... I have two fans, huh? Although as anglepoiselamp noted, the main indicator of all this is how many of your friends take the time to fill all this out! ;P

But I do wonder who the fans are. *^_^* Evidently I'm cool, but not so hot. ;P ;P ;P

UPDATE, 7:14 pm: Looks like the LiveBrownie site is "deactivated." If you click on the link, that's what it says. Wonder if their bandwidth got nuked because it was the meme of the day?
technical difficulties

Zipped files question

Okay, so I've got a bunch of zipped files. And I'd like to unzip them all into the same place. Is there some reason why I have to unzip them all individually? Or is this a case of "no, you have to buy a full software product" if I want to batch-unzip three dozen files to the same folder?
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