September 24th, 2004

oh yeah

Not too shabby

Worked on both the big needlepoint and the blue-on-blue xstitch yesterday. (I can only do that last one in daylight, when the kids are out on the porch, so I can see without feeling like I'm going blind.)

Toly created his Sunday 9s character, expect an introduction over in that community soon.

Got Boneshatter up to level 12.

Listened to KMFDM's Nihil while going for groceries (my mom was babysitting the kids). More of my characters die to music from that album. In a not entirely unrelated note, as Oasis is my official Shadowrun soundtrack band, Nihil is at least half of the Androsynth soundtrack album.

Taking kids to the doctor this morning for peace of mind. Both are slightly sick and with the possible hurricane coming, it's better just to take them in and make sure all they have is a cold rather than an ear infection or strep throat. M is having trouble sleeping, too, but I suspect that's the illness.

i hate body

Friday update

Took the kids to the doctor. K was an excellent patient for someone not yet 3 years old: correctly took deep breaths when the doctor listened to her breathing, managed to stick out her tongue and say Ah, etc. Even told the doctor "I'm going to be a doctor!" (Although nurses, particularly RNs, make just as good money and can pretty much write their own ticket... plus less on-call responsibility than doctors... hmmmm) Up until the throat swab for the strep test, anyway, she was good - the swab got her very upset.

M hated the whole place, he knows what it is as soon as we leave the lobby to go into the examination room, and started yelling as soon as we crossed the threshold. I got to hold his arms and head in place so the doctor could look in his ears and etc. Hated the swab just as much as K.

Related to this, K is very good about medicine - give her the liquid meds in a spoon and she'll agreeably drink it down. M we have to pin to the ground and hold his arms and legs and head down so I can squirt it in with the medicine syringe in between his yells. Yes, we tried just giving it to him, but he's having none of it.

Anyway, the good news: no strep, no ear infections, they're just coming down with colds. We can handle that - lots of liquids, cold meds, and TV (about the only time they're allowed loads of TV time, usually a safe Disney movie or Schoolhouse Rock or Zoboomafoo "animal show" as K puts it). I just hope they get enough rest, because that's for the best.

My own head is killing me, probably from a mix of the oncoming storm and that I'm likely catching the cold too. I started coughing today. Cold meds not doing much. :(

Went up to Cape Canav. and got Gram for the weekend. Jeanne is expected to hit Cat 3 and will hit anywhere from Melbourne (us) to W. Palm Beach by Sunday morning. While there are lines at the gas stations, nobody seems to be evacuating this time.

Funny letter in the paper today to one of the local columnists:
Dear Mike: We live in Kissimmee and were hit hard by Hurricane Charley, so we bought plywood and boarded up for Frances. What is the best way to save and store plywood?
Dear Guys: Um, you might not want to put your plywood in storage yet. Hurricane Jeanne has a reservation at the Holiday Inn on US-192.
(For those not in the area, that's one of Kissimmee's "main streets")

And for the record, it's pronounced "k'ss-SEM-mee." Not "KISS-a-me."

S9 fic status

Okay, so I decided to actually put to paper (pixel?) my CoH fic ideas, lumped together under the header "S9" for Sunday 9s (the group name). And I took a look at my first Heat fic and have now decided I hate it, so I'm ripping it apart and reworking it. Ta da!

Yes, please file this under "No, I don't have enough to do already..."